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Who is eligible to apply?

Any Episcopalian who is affiliated with any accredited seminary community or local formation program (ie. diocesan school, Iona Collaborative) in dioceses of the Episcopal Church is eligible to apply. This includes students, faculty or staff, or the Episcopalian spouse or partner of a student, faculty or staff member. Students (and spouses) who have completed their course work within the past calendar year are also eligible.

What are we looking for in an application?

  • Evangelism: What is the applicant’s vision for Episcopal evangelism, and how will the proposal help them explore and develop that vision? Episcopal Evangelism Today
  • Innovation: How is the proposal unique? Is it unique in the work it’s doing, in the cultural context where it’s being done, or the people it includes? Examples
  • Impact: What will the work offer to the church or the world?  
  • Budget/Timeframe: Are they realistic? Do they sync? Sample Budget

What’s NOT eligible for an EES Grant?

  • Pilgrimage, cross cultural immersions, and language immersion programs
  • Internships with established programs
  • Study with other academic institutions
  • Projects whose exclusive benefit is for the applicant’s own institution

How Do I Apply?

The first step is to contact either the Executive Director or the Multi-Cultural Missioner. They will listen to your idea for a grant proposal, and coach you to produce the best possible application.

The Application Process

Download the E-21 application » | Aplicación en español »