Sample Budget

The budget you submit with your application tells us how you would spend the grant money and what other sources of funding you may have (or need). It also tells us how thoroughly you have anticipated the expenses associated with your proposal.

Eligible Expenses
Applicants frequently ask what expenses are eligible for an EES grant. Your questions are welcomed by either the Executive Director or the Multi-Cultural Missioner.

Expenses related to the program development and delivery that are eligible: travel, room, board, stipend or honoraria, publication, and training.

Equipment, such as a new camera or computer, is not eligible.

Grantees often experience changes to their budget once the grant work has begun. These changes may be approved by the Executive Director, after conversation with the grantee.

Some applicants have never produced a budget for a grant proposal before. The ED and the M-CM are available to coach you in preparing your budget. Three sample budgets are provided, below, to help you envision what your completed budget might look like. Please note that these are samples, and your item descriptions, amounts, and other sources of funding will be different:

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