StorySharing as Evangelism: An Invitation to Mutual Ministry as Reconciliation

The Rev. Joe Hubbard is working with his spouse, Ashley Dobbs Hubbard, and their colleague Jorin Hood to invite rural and marginalized communities in the Diocese of Navajoland into a storysharing process about how they have experienced God’s presence in pandemic. They dream of building community in the Diocese and telling the story of the work of the Spirit in these communities historically, in the present context of COVID, and where they expect to see the work of the Spirit in the future. They expect these stories will tell the Gospel of Jesus According to Navajoland. 

To date Joe Hubbard is serving as Vicar of St. Christopher’s Mission in Bluff, UT and developing his position as Ministry Developer for the Utah Region of the Episcopal Church in Navajoland. With his colleagues, they are inviting participants into a video storysharing process that will, ultimately, support a resource that will be shared with the wider church at General Convention ’22.

Photo credits: David Ryder

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Hubbard, the Rev. Joe; Hubbard, Ashley Dobbs; Hood, Jorin
Virginia Theological Seminary
North America