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David Patiño is inspired by liberation theology to build a justice- and healing-grounded kindom. He is leading an evangelism campaign in the Latino/Hispanic community surrounding St. Mary’s, Harlem. His work involves leadership building, pastoral care, prayer and worship, and storytelling.

He has held many 1:1 conversations with members of St. Mary’s and with community members, to explore how they perceive community needs and how the church might meet those needs. A number of Spanish based community events have been held at St. Mary’s and in collaboration with other congregations, including neighborhood walks, worship services and seasonal activities. After a year of intensive work, his focus is now on developing the next generation of leaders while maintaining effective programming.

The grant is funding his many community-building activities. He also received coaching in community organizing through a New Episcopal Communities grant and through Root, Thrive, Soar.

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Patiño, David
Bexley Seabury
North America