Showing Mercy, Expressing Love Through Evangelism


The Rev. Laban Agisa (pictured, left) held an evangelism campaign in summer 2019, based from St. Paul’s Parish, in the Diocese of Maseno West, Anglican Church in Kenya. His team included the Bishop’s Chaplain, the Rev. Martin Pesa; the Vicar of St. Paul’s, the Rev. Shem Ochieng; and key facilitator Pastor Philemon Odembo. Together they recruited thirty-one evangelists from St. Paul’s and neighboring parishes. A five-day training was held, during which participants were trained in the meaning of evangelism and practical methods. Revivals were help in the evenings. It was their goal to reach out specifically to two groups: public transport workers and small business workers, who face severe economic pressure and whose work schedules prevent church attendance.

Following the training, the evangelists went door-to-door in the community, sharing Jesus’ message of mercy, love and hope and inviting people to attend the Overflow Sunday celebration. Church members were also encouraged to bring a friend to the celebration. The Rev. Agisa visited two local schools during this week, addressing students and offering the gift of sports equipment.

The Sunday celebration was spirited and the church was filled to capacity. Bishop-elect the Rev. John Mark Haung Godia gave the opening address and preached. The evangelists were commissioned and given certificates.

The Rev. Agisa credits the success of the program to the training and gifts that each team member brought to the project, along with their familiarity with the context. They were encouraged and empowered by God in their work and were vulnerable in reaching out to the groups of people whom they targeted. They also recruited a group who prayed for their efforts throughout the project. Members of St. Paul’s Parish were also spiritually renewed and revived.

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Agisa, the Rev. Laban
School of Theology, Sewanee