Project Reconciliation

Project Reconciliation will share the reconciling, healing love of God in Jesus Christ and provide the resources for parish groups and the wider church to do the same.The Rev. Canon Stephanie Spellers led a team of four students to collect video interviews and stories from people at five key sites in the history of TEC: Hayneville, AL, and the martyrdom of Jonathan Daniels; Jellico, TN, and Episcopal Appalachian Ministries; Cleveland, OH, where St. John’s Episcopal Church was “Station Hope” on the Underground Railroad; and St. Mark’s, Lappan and other sites in Baltimore where the church is working to reconcile its pro-slavery roots with barrier-crossing contemporary ministry. They explored how crossing barriers of race, class and gender in each of these events resulted in reconciliation. A six-part video curriculum that will empower Episcopalians to share the good news of God’s reconciling love is in production. The curriculum will be piloted in several parishes before widespread distribution.

Grant Year
Recipient Name
Spellers, the Rev. Canon Stephanie
General Theological Seminary
North America