On the Row

On the Row is a theatrical performance that allows audiences to hear the voices of the incarcerated in a way that reminds all of us what it means to be human. The E-21 grant to producer Kathy McGregor anchors a matching grant to the Prison Story Project to perform two new tours, one of which performs for high school students and allows death row prisoners to tell the students, through letters read by actors, what they wish they had known and done at their age.

The first tour was completed in Fall ’18. Four high schools and a youth detention center hosted performances (read audience comments, below). The second tour was completed in June 2019.

McGregor’s work was featured by Episcopal News Service. A large grant from the Whiting Foundation will allow McGregor to video record portions of the presentation and to adapt the performance format.

Audience Comments, “On the Row:”

“This was the realest play I’ve ever seen. Your words touched the whole audience not just me. Everybody listened. You couldn’t have done a better job guys.” High School Student

“I found ur stories very moving, and I could relate to a lot of the stories. I have a lot of struggles myself that I’m trying to overcome right now in my life…so I want to thank you for ur stories.” Detention Center Student

“You guys, all of you, you’re all geniuses. Your writing is amazing. It inspires me to express myself and create. Thank you so much.” High School Student

“I was moved when I heard the line ‘your failure does not define you.’ I teach here and I just told one of my students that yesterday…” High School Teacher

Grant Year
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McGregor, Kathy
Iona - Arkansas
North America