God of the Prisoners ’22

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The Rev. John Ng’oma, of the Anglican Diocese of Southern Malawi, envisioned training an interdenominational group of prison chaplains in best practices for approaching and counseling prisoners and sharing God’s word with them. He held the training during the Summer of 2022, and reports that it was successful in attendance, in engagement of the participants, and in their renewed commitment to chaplaincy and desire to make the training available to more chaplains.

The Rev. Ng’oma perceived an opportunity for evangelism in prisons because prison ministry is neglected; society marginalizes prisoners, and those who are willing to minister with them are not supported. For the training, Ng’oma invited facilitators who represented the government and clergy from the Pentecostal and Anglican traditions. He used grant funding primarily for transportation, room and board for the conference participants, and small stipends for the facilitators. The training used a combination of teaching techniques, including lecture, testimony, small group work, and role play.

The successful training has made the Rev. Ng’oma and other leaders, from both the church and the government, aware of the opportunities available in prison chaplaincy. John believes that prisoners need to hear the transformative Word of God, and he wants to inspire church members to move out of their comfort zones and become prison evangelists.

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Ng'oma, the Rev. John
School of Theology, Sewanee