God of the Prisoners (Training of Trainers) ’23

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The Rev. John Ng’oma, of the Anglican Diocese of Southern Malawi, used grant funding during the summer of ’22 to train an interdenominational group of prison chaplains in best practices for approaching and counseling prisoners and sharing God’s word with them. The success of the program led him to envision expanding it in 2023. He convened a large group of interdenominational pastors, from all four regions of Malawi, to be trainers of prison chaplains.

The training covered areas such as: transformation of prisoners and chaplains through the ministry, sharing God’s love with the prisoners, fighting injustice in the prisons,  giving a message of hope, and sharing God’s word among themselves. The response was positive from participants, facilitators and prison officials.

The training concluded with a revival at Chichiri Prison. A famous choir, Ndirande Anglican Voices, performed at the revival. The Station Officer at the prison stated that he believed that God’s word was heard by the prisoners at the revival. Ng’oma believes that the prison ministry is now sustainable, with trainers available nationwide.

Ndirande Anglican Voices performs at Chichiri Prison:

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Eyes of God
The eyes of God see everything
Everything I do, you see it.
I am begging you to keep me.
Please keep me.
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Ng'oma, the Rev. John
School of Theology, Sewanee