Evangelism Through Indigenization of Liturgy

The Rev. Julius Chunga convened a group of native Chitumbuka language speakers in the Anglican Diocese of Northern Malawi, to translate the liturgy into the language that is spoken by the majority of Christians in the diocese. The clergy/lay group worked for ten days in a format that included worship, small group discussion, and sharing. Their work coincided with a youth rally, and youth were engaged in the process. Two clergy who had previously worked on translation, through the Bible Society of Malawi, served as advisors to the process.

The Rev. Chunga reflects that the importance of enculturation cannot be overemphasized. Church membership, he writes, does not make a difference to people who cannot understand what is said. The project also provided an important opportunity for clergy to listen to, and engage, faithful laity. He also highly values the participation of the youth.

Grant Year
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Chunga, the Rev. Julius
School of Theology, Sewanee