Evangelism in Episcopal Schools

Bassett spent a day shadowing Mr. William W. Taylor, President of St. George’s Independent School in Memphis, TN. An active lay Episcopalian and successful educator, Mr. Taylor shared insight to his vocation. Basset, a published writer, produced an article profiling Taylor’s understanding of ministry and evangelism in the context of educational leadership. The article will be published by the National Association of Episcopal Schools.

Bassett writes that “this project allowed me to enter deeply into conversation and experience with Mr. Taylor at St. George’s about his passions, his educational philosophies, and his lay ministry work in Episcopal education in order to share it with a much larger audience. I learned in writing Mr. Taylor’s story and that of Episcopal education how one can live and proclaim the Good News in his own ways under Christ using education.”

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Bassett, Win
Berkeley at Yale
North America