Evangelical Prison Ministry in Liberia

The Rev. Terry Quoi has developed a prison ministry with the incarcerated in Liberia. He trained and supported a team of prison chaplains, whose work continues. His vision is to teach those in prison how to pray, and how to build a relationship with God, and to invite them to think of God as one who is deeply in love with them, who is genuinely interested in who they are and in all they are experiencing, and who longs to be in relationship with them.

The team encountered numerous setbacks, including seeking government permission for the ministry, prison riots, and initial hostile reaction from the inmates. Progress was made, and some prisoners have been released to the care of the chaplains.  Quoi is inspired to continue the chaplaincy and to expand his work to include advocacy for the incarcerated.

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Quoi, Terry
School of Theology, Sewanee