Empowering the Youth, Sustaining the Church

The Rev. Julius Chunga planned and led a six-day leadership and empowerment course for youth during the summer 2018. The training was offered in the Diocese of Northern Malawi and included participants from the dioceses of Southern Malawi and Lake Malawi; the National Youth Executive from the Anglican Council in Malawi also attended.

The course used a highly participative and interactive format that required the youth to collaborate and share. The broad range of topics addressed ranged from leadership, evangelism and stewardship to conflict resolution, decision making and gender and women empowerment.

Grounded in the belief that youth ministry is key to the sustainability to the church, Fr. Chunga enjoyed working directly with the youth and engaging their hopes, fears and challenges. He believes that providing for the spiritual and social needs of the youth is a significant evangelism opportunity, and he wished for more time and resources. He believes that the conference established networks for youth ministry in Malawi  that will continue to be built and used. His work makes him dream of expanding youth ministry programmatically; he also dreams of how to engage youth in the liturgies of the church.


Grant Year
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Chunga, The Rev. Julius
School of Theology, Sewanee