Digital Literacy Toolkit for Theological Education

The Rev. Kyle Matthew Oliver, working in collaboration with the Rev. Stacy Williams-Duncan of the Center for the Ministry of Teaching at Virginia Theological Seminary, is developing an online Digital Literacy Toolkit to support theological educators in seminaries and in nontraditional settings.

By enabling educators to integrate these digital literacies into ministry formation, they will better prepare students to connect with their neighborhoods, organize mission teams, communicate pastoral presence, and tell the story of the lifegiving love of God in Christ using the media of our day.

The EES-funded portion of the work was completed during the summer and early fall of 2017, and included developing the list of literacies, crafting a website to feature the literacies and link to examples, model assignments and classroom practices for developing each literacy. He also wrote several academic articles supporting the research and making the case for literacies.

Work on the project continues, as the resource itself, and the network of collaborators, continues to grow. The project involves work contracted for with grants from the Arthur Vining Davis foundation and with the Association of Theological Schools (for testing with a learning community of VTS instructors). Development and promotion continue.

Grant Year
Recipient Name
Oliver, the Rev. Kyle Matthew
Virginia Theological Seminary