Conectados con la Fe/Connected with Faith

Miguel Suárez and Kary Pinzón are Colombian and studying online through Thirdmill Seminary, or the Seminary for the Third Millennium. They are affiliated with Christ the King y Jesus de Nazaret Episcopal Church in Orlando, FL. 

Experienced educators and digital media professionals, they were compelled to share the Good News with Latino/Hispanic pilgrims in the US, while embracing new information technologies to meet people where they are today. They designed and offered a ten-session formation series on discipleship and evangelism for the community of Jesus de Nazaret, addressing Bible study, prayer and faith and technology. They engaged guest speakers who had experience in the topics for many episodes. Each episode may be viewed on the Iglesia Episcopal Jesus de Nazaret Facebook page. They also prepared a “how to” video describing how the series worked technically, and how to create community and evangelize online, which may be viewed here.

They reflect on the overall newness of the experience: exploring how to use technology to connect with the world for faith formation, and engaging a new community in the US. Their mission as evangelists was strengthened through the grant work.

Grant Year
Recipient Name
Suárez, Miguel and Pinzón, Kary
Thirdmill Seminary