Apostles of Sensitiveness

Demarius Walker began with a vision to convene a group of Apostles of Sensitiveness, following the work of Howard Thurman, who would witness how to follow the Way of Love in the divisive political climate of 2020. He wanted to do in-person work with a group of students and members of an Episcopal church, but the pandemic caused significant adjustment to his plans. 

He used grant funds to compensate a diverse  team of campus interns, who met regularly to think critically about the impact of faith on how people engage cultural divisions, from political to racial to spiritual. The team engaged both Thurman’s work and monastic wisdom, and each member has plans to continue the work through avenues such as starting a Black Theology reading group on campus to offering a youth group a series of Way of Love meditations. Walker is excited to see how their work will carry on.

He also offered online Archbishop Welby’s “Difference: The Power of Faith in a Conflicted World” course and released five podcasts that offer monastic wisdom to followers. Read more on his website.

The scope of his work led Walker to be thankful for the practical skills he sharpened; he came to understand how the administrative work he did strengthened his relationship with God. He understands evangelism as boldly living out God’s dream for his life, and humbly participating in God’s unfolding dream in the lives of others and for all of creation.

Grant Year
Recipient Name
Walker, Demarius
Virginia Theological Seminary
North America