Community for the Common Good

Emily and Ragan Sutterfield have developed a multimedia curriculum for parish use, on responding to climate change. The multi-week class includes prayers, interviews, activities, and facilitated discussions designed to help congregations explore their shared experience in facing climate change, how they perceive the church’s role in responding to climate change, and what steps can be taken to bring hope to the wider community around them. They have made site visits to several faith communities in Florida who have an active response to climate change, and are using data and stories from these interviews to guide and support the curriculum. They piloted Community for the Common Good at St. Margaret’s, Little Rock, and hope to offer it again in a broader community context. Community for the Common Good will empower churches for integrated, intentional living in God’s kingdom and to share their hope in the surrounding community.

The Rev. Ragan Sutterfield will continue to work through the Sacred Places Project to deepen the church’s relationship with particular places and articulate a message of hope in the face of climate change.

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Sutterfield, Emily and the Rev. Ragan
Virginia Theological Seminary
North America