EES supports innovative evangelism through our E-21 Grants and Special Program Grants. To learn more about our grants and the application process, click here.
Grant YearRecipient NameGrant TitleDescriptionLocation
2022-2023Ng'oma, the Rev. JohnGod of the Prisoners (Training of Trainers) ’23Leer en Español The Rev. John Ng’oma, of the Anglican Diocese of Southern Malawi, used grant funding during the summer of ’22 to train an interdenominational group of prison chaplains in best practices for approaching and counseling prisoners and sharing God’s word with them. The success of the program led him to envision expanding it ... Read More »Africa
2022-2023Ryes, AudraEvangelism and Formation Through an African Descent PerspectiveA professional educator, Audra Ryes dreams of sharing Christian faith with people of color through lessons and stories that affirm the participation of African descent in Anglican history. She participated in a cross-cultural immersion experience in the Diocese of Southern Malawi, led by her professor the Rt. Rev. James Tengatenga. The trip was funded in ... Read More »Africa
2022-2023Woart, the Rev. HarrisEvangelism Through Community FarmingLeer en Español The Rev. Harris Woart is Priest-in-Charge of St. Luke Episcopal Church in Balia, Bong County, Liberia. The community is poor and subsists on farming palm trees for oil. Woart dreamed of seeing Christians sharing their life stories with other farmers to demonstrate how their faith has given them hope. He used grant ... Read More »Africa
2022-2023Suárez, Miguel and Pinzón, KaryConectados con la Fe/Connected with FaithMiguel Suárez and Kary Pinzón are Colombian and studying online through Thirdmill Seminary, or the Seminary for the Third Millennium. They are affiliated with Christ the King y Jesus de Nazaret Episcopal Church in Orlando, FL.  Experienced educators and digital media professionals, they were compelled to share the Good News with Latino/Hispanic pilgrims in the ... Read More »
2022-2023Amimo, the Rev. GeorgeTraining of Lay Evangelists in the Diocese of Southern NyanzaLeer en Español The Rev. George Amimo envisioned training lay evangelists in the Diocese of Southern Nyanza, Kenya, with new evangelism techniques that respect the culture of the people. He believes that centralized training is necessary because parish priests are unable to make such training a priority. More importantly, he notes, Kenyan Christians have only ... Read More »
2022-2023Madi, the Rev. Canon WillSuicide and Urgency of Evangelism in MalawiLeer en Español There is a surge in attempted suicide in the Mangochi district of the Diocese of Upper Shire in Malawi, and the church marginalizes those who die by suicide, those who attempt it, and their grieving families. The Rev. Canon Will Madi dreamed of restoring life, hope and the love of God through ... Read More »Africa
2022-2023Tigner, MichaelCatacombsThe Rev. Michael Tigner has launched a new community, Catacombs, in the Diocese of Southern Ohio. The community meets on Wednesday evenings, in space provided by the Church of St. Edward in Whitehall, OH. There is a monthly Eucharist, and other weekly gatherings feature local artists and musicians. Tigner cites flexibility, to adapt to the ... Read More »North America
2022-2023Nelson, the Rev. Rich“following The Way” Spiritual Types IndicatorThe Rev. Rich Nelson brought vast experience of ministry with youth and young adults to his study at VTS. As a priest, curriculum writer, and spiritual director he longed for better resources for discipleship and evangelism. So he developed following The Way, an online resource that helps center participants in Jesus’ Way of Love by ... Read More »North America
2021-2022Ciza, the Rev. DominiqueSoccer League for ReconciliationLeer en Español The Rev. Dominique Ciza dreams of seeing all ethnic communities within the Diocese of Buye (Burundi) evangelized and reconciled. To begin work on this dream, he founded a soccer league of three teams, each with a different ethnic composition (Hutu, Tutsi and Batwa). He convened nine evangelists from these groups and trained ... Read More »Africa
2021-2022Kinono, the Rev. SimionRetreat on Racial Reconciliation in BurundiLeer en Español The Rev. Simion Kinono dreams of a church that will prioritize racial reconciliation on its agenda. In December 2021, he held a four-day retreat in the Diocese of Buye, in Burundi. The twenty participants included ten Hutus and ten Tutsis, ten women and ten men. Kinono discovered that the retreat participants are ... Read More »Africa
2021-2022Patiño, David#HarlemPresenteLeer en Español David Patiño is inspired by liberation theology to build a justice- and healing-grounded kindom. He is leading an evangelism campaign in the Latino/Hispanic community surrounding St. Mary’s, Harlem. His work involves leadership building, pastoral care, prayer and worship, and storytelling. He has held many 1:1 conversations with members of St. Mary’s and ... Read More »North America
2021-2022Kwagwanji, the Rev. ShadreckStanding Firm With Faith, Hope and Love in Time of CrisisLeer en Español The Rev. Shadreck Kwagwanji was inspired by the widespread fear of vaccination, and the prevalence of mis-information, about COVID-19 in his home Niassa province of Mozambique. He dreamt of empowering church leaders to recognize themselves as the Body of Christ, to support one another, and to reflect God’s concern for all people, ... Read More »Africa
2021-2022Adhola, the Rev. CarolyneWidows and Orphans Empowerment Through EvangelismLeer en Español The Rev. Carolyne Adhola dreamed of offering transformation to widows and orphans in the Anglican Church of Kenya. She used grant funds during the summer of 2022 to teach about discernment, the importance of a rule of life, and practice contextual Bible Study. She intended to plant trees together, and to celebrate ... Read More »Africa
2021-2022Mast, Sarah and GregEncountering the Spirit in Agrarian MinistriesLeer en Español Sarah Mast (SSW ‘23) and spouse Greg Mast dream of leading an affirming, land-based liturgical community. They used grant funds to visit seven faith-based agrarian communities during summer ’22: Good Courage Farm in Hutchinson, MN; Plainsong Farm in Rockford, MI; Bellweather Farm in Wakeman, OH; Adamah Farm in Falls Village, CT; Mission ... Read More »North America
2021-2022Rodriguez, YuriCaminemos con María* Leer en Español As a first generation immigrant to the United States, the Rev. Yuri Rodriguez has experienced finding her way in an alien land, sustained by her faith. She believes that the stories of Latinas – their gifts, their struggles, their liberation – are stories of Jesus incarnate in the lives of the most ... Read More »North America
2021-2022Ng'oma, the Rev. JohnGod of the Prisoners ’22Leer en Español The Rev. John Ng’oma, of the Anglican Diocese of Southern Malawi, envisioned training an interdenominational group of prison chaplains in best practices for approaching and counseling prisoners and sharing God’s word with them. He held the training during the Summer of 2022, and reports that it was successful in attendance, in engagement ... Read More »Africa
2021-2022Madi, the Rev. WillThe Mission to Sex Workers: Religious Leaders as Agents of Change in Sharing God’s Transforming Love in Jesus ChristLeer en Español The Rev. Canon Will Madi envisioned the opportunity for evangelism with sex workers in the Diocese of Upper Shire, Malawi. His vision is rooted in the knowledge that sex workers are beloved children of God, despite the cultural stigma they carry and their own self-condemnation. He wanted clergy to hear the women’s ... Read More »Africa
2021-2022Stary, DawnBuilding the Inclusive Kingdom: Embracing Survivors in the Episcopal ChurchLeer en Español Dawn Stary wants to educate the Church on the importance of being trauma-informed and creating safe Churches for survivors of trauma. She used grant funding to develop a curriculum that equips church leaders to offer a trauma-informed response in pastoral care, especially for survivors of domestic abuse. Her research included consulting with ... Read More »
2021-2022Mis, the Rev. Dcn. ClaireListen, Learn and LoveLeer en Español The Rev. Deacon Claire Mis worked for two years to prepare a team and lead a mission trip from St. John’s Episcopal Church in Huntington, NY (Long Island) to the US-Mexican border in the Diocese of Arizona. She established relationships with the Rev. David Chavez, Canon for Border Ministries in the Diocese ... Read More »Central America North America
2021-2022Mullaney, SteveConvivioLeer en Español Steve Mullaney dreamed of applying what he teaches in the School for Formation in the Episcopal Church in Minnesota. He used grant funding to hire and coach a Latino coordinator of Convivencia, a dinner gathering for Latino undergraduates and mentors. The gatherings are intended to affirm the Belovedness of the participants, to ... Read More »
2021-2022Blaylock, the Rev. Dr. JoyOut of the GatesLeer en Español The Rev. Dr. Joy Blaylock, Dean of the School for Ministry in the Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast, dreamed of supporting lay graduates of the program by hiring a mentor to coach cohort gatherings in evangelism, and to plan evangelism initiatives. The work was led by the Rev. Lydia Johnson, Canon ... Read More »North America
2020-2021Agisa, the Rev. LabanYouth Empowerment Through EvangelismThe Rev. Laban Agisa (right) brought together his training as an evangelist in the Church Army Africa, his experience with youth ministry in the Anglican Diocese of Nairobi, Kenya, and his training at the School of Theology, University of the South to plan and implement a training for youth evangelists. It was held at the ... Read More »Africa
2020-2021Reece, KaitlinSocial Justice WitnessesKaitlin Reece co-chairs Balancing the Scales of Justice, a task force in the Episcopal Diocese of Nebraska, that focuses on developing faithful witness to reform in the legal system. Reece used an EES Spot Grant in summer ’20 to develop “Write for Rights,” an online training for individuals to write letters to the editor (LTEs) ... Read More »North America
2020-2021Mazur, MeghanThe Prison Penpal ProjectMeghan Mazur envisioned a COVID-safe penpal ministry between seminarians at the School of Theology (Sewanee) and incarcerated persons. At the time of her proposal (Fall 2020), the Sewanee community was completely isolated in pandemic, and she dreamed of both sharing God’s love with a population that is often overlooked by the Church and expanding seminarians’ ... Read More »North America
2020-2021Chiutula, the Rev. CharlesWomen EvangelistsThe Rev. Charles Chiutula discerned that women in the Anglican Diocese of Upper Malawi were not participating as leaders and evangelists in the mission of the church, both because of cultural expectations and the absence of a platform for their ministry. He used EES grant funds to hold a five-day training for 40 women from ... Read More »Africa
2020-2021Aristondo, LindaVirus, Violence and Narrative MinistryLeer en Español Linda Aristondo was inspired to capture the narratives of marginalized persons and their response to the injustices experienced through COVID-19 and expressed through the Black Lives Matter movement in Harlem. She used grant funding to engage a videographer, and they conducted dozens of interviews with food pantry clients, shelter residents, people experiencing ... Read More »North America
2020-2021Allen, the Rev. JenniferTreasure in the FieldLeer en Español Jennifer Allen is coordinating the development of Bethany House and Garden, a diocese of Kansas project of creation care and racial reconciliation. Treasure in the Field, her EES grant, is an effort to give the homeless a voice in community decision-making.  She has held numerous meetings with community members from a variety ... Read More »North America
2020-2021The Rev. Dominique CizaTraining Batwa Evangelists in the Diocese of Buye, BurundiLeer en Español The Rev. Dominique Ciza convened a group of fifteen women and fifteen men from the Batwa tribe for training as evangelists, in the Diocese of Buye in Burundi. Traditionally marginalized and discriminated against, the Batwa represent a minority population. Evangelists from the dominant tribes (Hutu and Tutsi) have not been successful in ... Read More »Africa
2020-2021Kinono, the Rev. SimionPrison Evangelism in BurundiLeer en Español The Rev. Simion Kinono trained eight women and eight men to be catechists in prisons in Burundi. The training used a pedagogical method of teaching and small group discussion; the discussion groups were organized by gender and an experienced woman priest led the women’s discussion. The topics offered in the training included: ... Read More »Africa
2020-2021McGregor, KathyBringing Darkness Into Light: Sharing Stories of Redemption from Men on Arkansas’ Death RowLeer en Español The Rev. Dcn. Kathy McGregor recorded a live presentation of On the Row, a theatrical performance that allows audiences to hear the voices of death row innmates through actors, and thereby encounter the humanity of the incarcerated. She was hoping this format would allow her to travel more widely, and offer the ... Read More »North America
2020-2021Kwagwanji, the Rev. ShadreckUsing Social Media as a Tool for Evangelism in Lichinga, MozambiqueThe Rev. Shadreck Kwagwanji convened a workshop to train church leaders to livestream and/or post recorded worhip services, to distribute educational materials and to convene small groups. The training was successful and the participants were enthusiastic; however, many clergy in his Diocese cannot afford smartphones. Some were able to borrow phones to implement what they ... Read More »Africa
2020-2021Philbrook, MaryannMiracle Messages Podcast: Audio Stories of Unhoused People Living in the San Francisco Bay AreaMaryann Philbrook’s idea for a grant came from her volunteer work as a mentor with Miracle Messages, a nonprofit that works nationally to help unhoused persons rebuild their social support systems. She was inspired to engage church and non-church members with the voices of people on the margins. She has completed four podcasts, and discussion ... Read More »North America
2020-2021Hubbard, the Rev. Joe; Hubbard, Ashley Dobbs; Hood, JorinStorySharing as Evangelism: An Invitation to Mutual Ministry as Reconciliation* Inspired by Psalm 139, the Rev. Joe Hubbard was sure that there is nowhere the church can go where the Spirit of God is not already present, and that the Spirit would welcome the church when it finally arrived. As he began ministry in Navajoland, he was concerned about how effective his leadership as a ... Read More »North America
2020-2021Parker, WillHoly Play: Meeting God in Musical ImprovLeer en Español Will Parker believes that evangelism is relational. He has used grant funding to convene a musical improv group, with the specific purpose of connecting what they are doing as artists to what they are called to do as Christians. His dream for the project is two-fold: that the members of the troupe ... Read More »North America
2020-2021Koggani, the Rev. MtipeGrace African Christian Connection Missional CommunityThe Rev. Mtipe Koggani, who is from Tanzania, envisioned launching a worshipping community of African diaspora Christians in St. Louis. With strong diocesan support, including meeting space, he has been working to develop a leadership team and to conduct a community needs assessment. He received has received invaluable coaching through the Episcopal Church’s church planting ... Read More »North America
2020-2021McGriff, the Rev. AmandaWill You? A Lenten Small Group StudyLeer en Español The Rev. Amanda McGriff envisioned preparing Episcopalians to affirm their Baptismal Covenant with a renewed commitment to evangelism. She wrote Will You? A Lenten Small Group Study, which makes intentional and explicit connections between Baptism, the Eucharist and evangelism based on the five “Will You?” questions of the Baptismal Covenant. McGriff offered ... Read More »North America
2019-2020Farney, KristenMindfulness for Mamas“Mindfulness for Mamas”  is an emergent Christian community that seeks to embody Christ’s love for those seeking connection in the Jackson, WY area. They developed a successful pilot with support from St. John’s Episcopal Church, and will expand and deepen their reach in Jackson, WY through a website, coaching, and childcare and site rental for gatherings. ... Read More »North America
2019-2020Mendoza, NelsonPress Play With God: Video Game ChaplaincyNelson Mendoza  is developing an online pastoral presence with video gamers on the platform Mixer. He holds regular office hours, wearing his collar, and converses with players and takes prayer requests. He originally intended to reinforce his presence in-person at two gamer conferences in Texas; he attended one but the second was cancelled due to the ... Read More »North America
2019-2020Walker, DemariusApostles of SensitivenessDemarius Walker began with a vision to convene a group of Apostles of Sensitiveness, following the work of Howard Thurman, who would witness how to follow the Way of Love in the divisive political climate of 2020. He wanted to do in-person work with a group of students and members of an Episcopal church, but ... Read More »North America
2019-2020Sadberry, the Rev. MarciaCross RoadsThe Rev. Marcia Sadberry is developing a bicycle ministry that uses discovery rides to build community  between church members and those beyond the church community. She hosted a well-attended pilot ride on Good Friday ‘21, which was repeated as a Stations of the Cross ride on Good Friday ’22. She has a core group of ... Read More »North America
2018-2019Mweningoma, The Rev. JeanTraining Women Evangelists in BuyeThe Rev. Jean Mweningoma planned and led a two-week training session for 20 women in the Diocese of Buye in Burundi during the summer of 2018. He used a subsequent grant, during the summer of 2019, for followup training for this group and to train a new cohort of ten women. Topics addressed during the training ... Read More »
2018-2019Peni, the Rt. Rev. Samuel EnosaEvangelism Training in the Diocese of Nzara, South SudanWith the goal of transforming the culture from revenge-seeking to forgiving, the Rt. Rev. Samuel Enosa Peni held two four-day workshops in December, 2018. Ninety-eight evangelists were trained in evangelism,contextualization of the Gospel (using Isaiah 65:17-25), and peacebuilding, forgiveness and reconciliation. Participants were taught by the Bishop, the Dean of the Cathedral, and the diocesan ... Read More »Africa
2018-2019Agisa, the Rev. LabanShowing Mercy, Expressing Love Through Evangelism  The Rev. Laban Agisa (pictured, left) held an evangelism campaign in summer 2019, based from St. Paul’s Parish, in the Diocese of Maseno West, Anglican Church in Kenya. His team included the Bishop’s Chaplain, the Rev. Martin Pesa; the Vicar of St. Paul’s, the Rev. Shem Ochieng; and key facilitator Pastor Philemon Odembo. Together they ... Read More »Africa
2018-2019Coehlo, the Rev. LuisLiturgical Renewal in the Anglican Communion: the Brazilian 2015 BCP as a Gift to English and Spanish Speaking Episcopalians / AnglicansThe Rev. Luis Coehlo is coordinating a project to provide a full translation into English and Spanish of the Brazilian BCP’s main rites, in order to foster liturgical renewal, enculturation and multicultural evangelization in LatinX/Latin-American contexts. He anticipates that the translation work will be complete in the fall of 2019 and that the publication will be ... Read More »South America
2018-2019Anthony, CateGathering Around Our Table: Breaking Bread, Building RelationshipsWith the goal of exploring evangelism through the dinner worship experience, Cate Anthony planned and led an experience of ecumenical hospitality at her internship site, Trinity Episcopal Church in Newtown, CT. Her work included extensive communication among other local parishes, research and development of a table liturgy, and conducting storytelling training workshops for members of the ... Read More »North America
2018-2019Anderson, NathanEncountersNate Anderson is developing the “Encounters” project, a retreat-format program to teach Episcopalians how to craft and then relate to five-minute narratives about seeing God’s power and presence in their lives. To date he has created a training document,  “God’s Story, Your Life,” and conducted a trial program at All Saints, Princeton. North America
2018-2019Chiutula, the Rev. CharlesCo-existence Between Christians and Muslims Through EvangelismThe Rev. Charles Chiutula recruited and trained a group of evangelists from twelve churches in Jali Parish, in the Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire in Malawi. The emphasis of the training was on prayerful preparation, following the model of Jesus, on using non-combative language in ministry, and on preparation for preaching. Following the training, two ... Read More »Africa
2018-2019Chunga, the Rev. JuliusEvangelism Through Indigenization of LiturgyThe Rev. Julius Chunga convened a group of native Chitumbuka language speakers in the Anglican Diocese of Northern Malawi, to translate the liturgy into the language that is spoken by the majority of Christians in the diocese. The clergy/lay group worked for ten days in a format that included worship, small group discussion, and sharing. ... Read More »Africa
2018-2019Leach, AlexEvangelism at Burning ManAlex Leach participated in a team of leaders to bear witness to the Holy Love they experience at Burning Man, by offering worship and spiritually-based conversation, and to share what they learned about ministry with the Spiritual But Not Religious with the wider church. All the team members were experienced Burners, and they credit their full ... Read More »North America
2018-2019Epperson, LishaCreative Arts Project @AllSoulsChurchHarlemLisha Epperson coordinated a five-week children’s arts program at All Souls Episcopal Church in Harlem, in partnership with the Church of the Heavenly Rest. For the second year of the program, she used grant money to hire teaching artists and performers, which provided a level of consistency to the program and support for the volunteers. ... Read More »North America
2018-2019Sheridan, Sam and Williams-Duncan, StacyLeveraging Chaplaincy Skills for Congregational EvangelismSam Sheridan and Stacy Williams-Duncan are developing resources in the form of podcasts, videos, and printable material designed for congregations to learn from the pastoral and evangelical insights of Episcopal chaplains. A website is under development to make the resources widely available.North America
2017-2018Burke, PatrickUrban, Anglo-Catholic EvangelismPatrick Burke participated in Bexley Seabury’s Learning from London course in January, 2017. He visited eight different communities that are experimenting with different contextualized fresh expressions of church, and explored the theology behind fresh expressions through lectures and course readings. He then applied what he learned at his field parish, All Saints’, Indianapolis, by building a ... Read More »North America
2017-2018Morris, Matthew DavidLectio MusicaMatthew David Morris launched Lectio Musica, a weekly, lectionary-based podcast with scripture and original music, for Ordinary Time ‘18 (May 21st). His grant work includes writing and recording one original song for each week, as well as recording the intro and outro music and the scripture readings. The podcast explores the spiritual practice of writing songs from to scripture, ... Read More »North America
2017-2018Jackson, ErikaBridges of HopeErika Jackson developed and offered  Bridges of Hope, a program of tutoring, vocational training and Bible study, to marginalized teenage girls in Ghana during the summer of 2018. Her work required that she collaborate with the Bishop, Diocesan staff, and others who have worked with the target population in Cape Coast.Africa
2017-2018Kaliszewski, JeanneWheels Within WheelsJeanne Kaliszewski is developing a bicycle-based ministry out of St. David of Wales Episcopal Church in Portland, Oregon. She attended Bexley Seabury’s Learning from London course in January ’18, where she was inspired by examples of contextual new ministries in the Fresh Expressions movement and learned to adopt a missional (versus attractional) model of 21st ... Read More »North America
2017-2018Banda, The Rev. ChanjuPeer Discipleship Initiative for the YouthThe Rev. Chanju Banda held a five-day training for forty youth and ten pastors in July, 2018. The group included representatives from the major Christian denominations in the area. Although he intended to hold one session for the pastors, and then another for the youth, logistics required that he combine the sessions. He believes that ... Read More »Africa
2017-2018Rosen, The Rev. Dr. CarolynZero ToleranceThe Rev. Dr. Carolyn Rosen co-curated the exhibit “Zero Tolerance” with her spouse, Dr. Aaron Rosen, in Billings, Montana. Intended to foster a powerful and inspiring image of Christian social engagement on behalf of the disenfranchised outsider in American society, the Rosens used grant funds to commission the exhibit by the artist Michael Takeo Magruder. ... Read More »North America
2017-2018Chunga, The Rev. JuliusEmpowering the Youth, Sustaining the ChurchThe Rev. Julius Chunga planned and led a six-day leadership and empowerment course for youth during the summer 2018. The training was offered in the Diocese of Northern Malawi and included participants from the dioceses of Southern Malawi and Lake Malawi; the National Youth Executive from the Anglican Council in Malawi also attended. The course ... Read More »Africa
2017-2018Harrington, JimEsfuerzo Escuela Norman (“The Norman School Effort”)Jim Harrington used an EES grant to engage and organize Austin’s eastside Hispanic community around preventing the closure of the neighborhood elementary school, Escuela Norman, and to identify leaders and establish a missional community following the Communidades de Base model from Latin American liberation theology. The missional community is Proyecto Santiago, out of St. James Episcopal ... Read More »North America
2017-2018McGregor, KathyOn the RowOn the Row is a theatrical performance that allows audiences to hear the voices of the incarcerated in a way that reminds all of us what it means to be human. The E-21 grant to producer Kathy McGregor anchors a matching grant to the Prison Story Project to perform two new tours, one of which ... Read More »North America
2017-2018Pierce, The Rev. TerryMy Story, My SongThe Rev. Terry Pierce convened a group of women veterans and facilitated a program of storytelling and songwriting, as a way to open space for God to speak to their lives. She worked in partnership with singer/songwriter Kelley McRae, who performs one of the songs here. Pierce reflects that her grant work caused her to ... Read More »North America
2016-2017Ehly, SuzanneLiving Into Our Baptismal Covenant in Response to the TRC Calls to Action: Trusting in the Wisdom of Our Voices, Bodies and Breath; Strengthening Witness and LeadershipSuzanne Ehly made two trips to work with communities of Indigenous and settler Anglicans within the Territory of the People. Her work included listening, learning, building relationships, leading workshops and coaching, to explicitly link their living into the Baptismal Covenant to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action. In addition to the ministry of ... Read More »North America
2016-2017Lane, the Rev. StephenNew HOPE Center Worshipping CommunityStephen Lane’s vision is to lay the foundation for a 12-step based worshipping community at the HOPE Center in Western New York. His grant work included studying best practices on the Bexley Seabury “Learning from London” course, and then convening a Visioning Summit to develop a mission plan. The Visioning Summit, held in November ’17, ... Read More »North America
2016-2017Matthews, Dr. Westina and Watkins, Jr., the Rev. TommieA Contemplative Approach to Spirituality and SexualityDr. Westina Matthews and the Rev. Tommie Watkins, Jr. have developed and piloted Gifts from God: Spirituality and Sexuality, a program that uses contemplative practices to explore issues of human sexuality. The program is available for free download and will be offered as an online course through the Church Divinity School of the Pacific’s CALL  program of ... Read More »
2016-2017Sides, the Rev. SerenaFaithfully TodayThe Rev. Serena Sides developed “Faithfully Today,” a simple social media resource of weekday prayer and inspiration for busy Christian parents. The program is intended to strengthen their relationships with God and prepare them to respond to their children’s faith questions. A successful Advent ’16 pilot led to some design changes for Lent ’17. The ... Read More »North America
2016-2017Stonesifer, SarahStations of the Cross DC: A Pilgrimage for Art LoversSarah Stonesifer  worked with a team of curators to develop and offer a public stations of the cross in Washington, DC. It was launched for Lent ’17, and participants experienced the stations as a tour by downloading maps and podcasts from the website. The exhibit also offered prayer services, lectures, performances, and other events across Washington, ... Read More »North America
2016-2017Oliver, the Rev. Kyle MatthewDigital Literacy Toolkit for Theological EducationThe Rev. Kyle Matthew Oliver, working in collaboration with the Rev. Stacy Williams-Duncan of the Center for the Ministry of Teaching at Virginia Theological Seminary, is developing an online Digital Literacy Toolkit to support theological educators in seminaries and in nontraditional settings. By enabling educators to integrate these digital literacies into ministry formation, they will ... Read More »
2016-2017The Rev. Dr. Gavin ShumateGod’s Love and the LGBT+ CommunityThe Rev. Dr. Gavin Shumate convened “God’s Love and the LGBT+ Community,” a summit for PFLAG members and the welcoming Episcopal Churches of the Diocese of Oregon to facilitate discussion, mutual community, and commitment to justice. The summit was held in July ‘17 at St. Paul Episcopal Church in Salem, OR for 200 attendees. The conference ... Read More »North America
2016-2017Quoi, the Rev. TerryPrison Reform in LiberiaThe Rev. Terry Quoi is continuing his 2016 grant work for prison reform in Liberia. He is expanding his scope, from improving prison conditions for inmates to engaging church and community leaders in transforming the criminal justice culture from a punitive system to a rehabilitative system. His work was initially delayed in summer ’17 by the ... Read More »Africa
2016-2017Price, Dr. Sarah KyeFaith From the Margins to the Web* Dr. Sarah Kye Price launched and maintained Faith From the Margins to the Web, a weekly, lectionary-based blog based on Bible studies that brought together people who would be normally divided by social boundaries. Beginning with Advent 2017, the project continued for the entire Lectionary B and through Epiphany of Year C. She constantly adapted the methodology ... Read More »North America
2016-2017Bwatta, the Rev. EmmanuelEmpowering Women in the Diocese of Western TanganyikaThe Rev. Emmanuel Bwatta has preached, led seminars, Bible studies, met with church leaders, government officials, and individual men and women to explore the treatment of women in society and in the church. In three months’ time he attended over twenty events and connected with more than 1,400 individuals. He reports that many people with whom ... Read More »Africa
2016-2017Chanza, the Rev. MakweyaAn Acts 11 Evangelism Model for Chikhwawa ParishThe Rev. Canon Makweya Chanzah has established a new church in the East Bank of the Shire River in Southern Malawi. His grant work included identifying and training lay and ordained leaders and working with them to facilitate a crusade.  The location is of deep historical significance to the Diocese, but is geographically difficult to access. ... Read More »Africa
2015-2016Sutterfield, Emily and the Rev. RaganCommunity for the Common GoodEmily and Ragan Sutterfield have developed a multimedia curriculum for parish use, on responding to climate change. The multi-week class includes prayers, interviews, activities, and facilitated discussions designed to help congregations explore their shared experience in facing climate change, how they perceive the church’s role in responding to climate change, and what steps can be taken ... Read More »North America
2015-2016Wakeen, TeresaThe Church at Crossroads* Teresa Wakeen has launched a new worshipping community at the Crossroads Center, a social services outreach agency in Detroit. She leads three mid-week prayer services and one Sunday Singing Circle and Prayer service, along with a monthly family worship event that follows the Messy Church model. With New Mission Field designation in the Diocese of Michigan, Wakeen has ... Read More »North America
2015-2016Chanzah, MakweyaEvangelism Training in Southern MalawiThe Rev. Makweya Chanzah held a seven-day training for over 30 lay leaders in the Mulanje district of Southern Malawi. The training  covered worship leadership, reading lessons in worship, and preaching. Participants are licensed by the Bishop, and licenses are renewable for five years with the parish priest’s collaboration. Fr. Chanzah has dreams of evangelism in ... Read More »Africa
2015-2016Evans, KathyEvangelical Witness Through Children’s CampsMs. Kathy Evans travelled with her spouse, the Rev. Boyd Evans, to Israel and Palestine for ten weeks during the summer of 2016. They worked at several summer camps in Ramallah, Zabadeh and Nazareth, which gave them a sense of the necessities and limitations of these programs. Combining these experiences  with their US camp experience enabled them to ... Read More »Asia
2015-2016Hicks, JaniceDementia Ministry* Dr. Janice Hicks is tapping into a widespread need in parishes for resources to support ministry with people with dementia, their families, caregivers and community groups. Hicks’ initial research involved exploring the Dementia Friendly Church movement in the UK. Visiting in early summer 2016, she interviewed several leaders in the movement (see photos, below). She built ... Read More »North America
2015-2016Masima, MganulwaYouth CatechesisThe Rev. Mganulwa Masima developed and taught a catechesis on Anglicanism to youth in the Diocese of Central Tanganyika. She reached over 600 youth in 33 parishes, and found an eagerness to learn about worship, tradition, scripture and sacraments. Many youth in the diocese leave the Anglican church for pentecostal churches, but the Rev. Masima believes ... Read More »Africa
2015-2016Perry, NandraCommunity GardeningThe Rev. Nandra Perry has enlisted the wider community to build a community garden at St. Philip’s Episcopal Church in Hearne, Texas. She intended that the garden would be the focal point for various community evangelism efforts, but found that interest in the garden and grounds came less from the neighborhood and more from the youth of ... Read More »North America
2015-2016Quoi, TerryEvangelical Prison Ministry in LiberiaThe Rev. Terry Quoi has developed a prison ministry with the incarcerated in Liberia. He trained and supported a team of prison chaplains, whose work continues. His vision is to teach those in prison how to pray, and how to build a relationship with God, and to invite them to think of God as one ... Read More »Africa
2015-2016Rodriguez, AlAmerican Latino Evangelism Outreach (ALEO)The Rev. Al Rodriguez has worked for years to develop ALEO, as an Episcopal Church Fellow and in partnership with Latino/Hispanic Ministries of the Episcopal Church, while serving as interim Director of the Hispanic Church Studies Program at the Seminary of the Southwest. ALEO is an outreach ministry  to 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation US-born ... Read More »North America
2015-2016Segu, BartTraining Church PlantersThe Rev. Bart Segu has returned to the Diocese of Kibondo, Tanzania to develop and offer a training series for church planters. Available to women and men, lay and ordained, the training  focuses on Christian discipleship, Segu’s own church planting experience, and the knowledge he has gained through his studies at Sewanee. Segu believes that Christian ... Read More »Africa
2014-2015Bassett, WinEvangelism in Episcopal SchoolsBassett spent a day shadowing Mr. William W. Taylor, President of St. George’s Independent School in Memphis, TN. An active lay Episcopalian and successful educator, Mr. Taylor shared insight to his vocation. Basset, a published writer, produced an article profiling Taylor’s understanding of ministry and evangelism in the context of educational leadership. The article will ... Read More »North America
2014-2015Doss, AndrewReviving Church Camp in CubaAndrew Doss had a leadership role in the development of the “Cuba Hoy!” conference for American and Cuban attorneys, policymakers, businesspeople and professors sponsored by At The Threshold. He used an E-21 grant to coordinate the participation of the Episcopal Diocese of Cuba in the conference, and to develop a case study for conference participants ... Read More »Caribbean
2014-2015Fisher-Stewart, GayleCenter for the Study of Faith in Justice, Washington, DC* The Rev. Gayle Fisher-Stewart has been working to establish the Center for the Study of Faith in Justice at Calvary Episcopal in DC.  She has convened a number of events at Calvary, designed to support mutual understanding between church members and those seeking justice. She has developed a network of support within the Diocese of Washington ... Read More »North America
2014-2015Hainze, JohnIn the BeginningDr. John Hainze adapted the TEC Committee on Science, Technology and Faith “Catechism for Creation: An Episcopal Understanding” for widespread parish use. The 2005 program reconciles the science of creation with faith, and seeks to renew the faith of those in the church and reach out to those outside who may perceive that Christianity is ... Read More »North America
2014-2015Rodgers, DevinNorthside Abbey, CincinnatiDevin Rodgers has worked to lay the foundation to plant Northside Abbey, a new community of “cultural creatives” in Cincinnati. He participated in the Learning from London course and shared the best practices for missional communities that he learned with the leadership team of Northside Abbey. He has facilitated and planned grassroots conversation and several ... Read More »North America
2014-2015Segu, Bart, the Rev.Muslim/Christian Relations in TanzaniaThe Rev. Bart Segu is working this summer to promote peaceful Muslim/Christian relations in the Diocese of Kibondo, Tanzania. He has begun training his co-leaders, and they will conduct extensive interviews of stakeholders, victims of violence and religious leaders. A conference of interfaith leaders at the Kibondo Training Center will be held at the end ... Read More »Africa
2014-2015Williams, Bob, Canon“Media and Ministry” for the Chinese ConvocationCanon Bob Williams partnered with the Li Tim-Oi Center in San Gabriel, CA to offer a workshop on “Media & Ministry” to members of the Chinese Convocation. Participants learned about messaging, websites, social media and crisis management, in order to strengthen their skills of Gospel proclamation using electronic media. There are significant opportunities for evangelism ... Read More »North America
2014-2015Anderson, ChristianEVN: Episcopal Video NetworkWith acting and production experience in Los Angeles, Christian Anderson interned during summer ’15 in the video department of Trinity Wall Street  to cultivate a uniquely Episcopal focus to video production. He then developed the EVN program: Episcopal Video Network, in collaboration with a team from his field parish. The program is a fun and accessible ... Read More »North America
2014-2015Nyein, ZackTable on the GreenZack Nyein has been involved with the leadership of Table on the Green, a new community from Trinity on the Green, New Haven, that meets on a weeknight and attracts a diverse congregation. In partnership with other student leaders, congregational leaders and area clergy, he has used the EES grant to work for long-term sustainability for the program. ... Read More »North America
2014-2015Snodgrass, BowieWriting Our WitnessAn experienced writer, Bowie Snodgrass planned to lead three poetry, prayer and lyric-writing workshops for young people. Her goal was to encourage them to explore and share their faith, in their own words. The first workshop was for youth, as part of the Creative Arts Camp at Calvary-St. George’s Episcopal Church. The second was a weekend ... Read More »North America
2014-2015Spellers, the Rev. Canon StephanieProject ReconciliationProject Reconciliation will share the reconciling, healing love of God in Jesus Christ and provide the resources for parish groups and the wider church to do the same.The Rev. Canon Stephanie Spellers led a team of four students to collect video interviews and stories from people at five key sites in the history of TEC: Hayneville, AL, and ... Read More »North America
2013-2014Allen, LainieThe Community for Missional Leadership Formation, DallasShe piloted an 8-week summer program of service in an intentional community for young adults during the summer of 2014. The participants lived a Rule of Life in Dallas, including prayer, work, hospitality, renewal and study.North America
2013-2014Altizer, AimeeUnshackledAimee Altizer has developed and launched Unshackled, a third space community in Utah, which ministers with formerly incarcerated people. She used to EES grant primarily for the first round of leadership development training. Follow Unshackled on FacebookNorth America
2013-2014Bassett, WinReynolds Price and MercyHe researched the theme of mercy in the writings of Reynolds Price, and led a small group breakout session at the Mockingbird conference in NYC in April 2014. In addition, he wrote an article on his summer CPE experience in Charlottesville that was accepted by Commonweal magazine.North America
2013-2014Borgen, Linda-SuzanneResources for Ministry with Human Trafficking VictimsShe researched national resources for survivors of human trafficking, and developed prototype materials to empower parishes for ministry with these victims.North America
2013-2014Fout, Jason, the Rev. Dr.Learning from LondonHe studied church growth in the Diocese of London by meeting with and interviewing leaders of numerous innovative and successful ministries there. He will adapt and share the best practices for evangelism that he discovered both in a book (to be released by Forward Movement in 2015) and at the Consortium for Endowed Episcopal parishes ... Read More »Europe North America
2013-2014Hall, RebeccaThe Sunday Supper Project, AustinShe developed and piloted The Sunday Supper project for families of teens at St. David’s, Austin. It uses face-to-face meetings and a website to guide the creation liturgical space and the practice of family devotions at home, around meals.North America
2013-2014Peters, the Rev. DavidEpiscopal Veterans’ Fellowship, TexasThe Rev. David Peters has launched the Episcopal Veterans’ Fellowship in Texas. The Christian support group for combat veterans and spouses meets and worships regularly, and solicits new members. There are now four groups meeting regularly, in four different churches. Follow the Episcopal Veterans’ Fellowship on Facebook Listen to Peters’ interview on NPR Read Peters’ ... Read More »North America
2013-2014Shisler Goff, SaraThe Slate Project, BaltimoreThe Rev. Sara Shisler Goff co-leads a new community in Baltimore, the Slate Project, with a Presbyterian and a Lutheran pastor. Shisler Goff used the EES grant to develop an in-house music ministry team to compose and lead music in the community worship. She took a leadership team to the Music that Makes Community course ... Read More »North America
2013-2014Watkins, TommieLinking AA and GTSDr. Watkins used his position as the first-ever student liaison for the Ninth Avenue AA Group to reach out in two directions: he held workshops on addiction and recovery awareness training for the GTS community, and organized a series of Recovery Eucharists in the Good Shepherd Chapel at GTS for the AA Group. Three awareness ... Read More »North America
2013-2014Whitman, Chandler; Maddison, Ben; Riley, Mark; and Tremaine, DavidMission to TanzaniaThe group proposed to teach New Testament Greek at Renk Bible College in South Sudan; however, their plans were aborted with the outbreak of violence in December ’13. They had a productive trip to Msalato Seminary in Tanzania in May 2014, where they taught Greek and participated in community life.Africa
2013-2014Williams, MarionVisual Arts and Spiritual Direction in NYCShe has created a training model for the use of expressive arts in spiritual direction. She will offer it to the Spiritual Direction class at GTS and in other NYC locations.North America
2012-2013Good, DeirdreLearner-Centered Bible StudyShe developed a lay-led, learned-centered model for scripture study in parishes, by consulting with and participating in existing programs in four different parishes. She offered “A Day of Lay-Led, Parish-Based Scripture Studies” at GTS May 2014.North America
2012-2013Johnson, Kellaura and Van Zandt, Mary BalfourVoices of Haitian EpiscopaliansThey visited Haiti in January 2013 to record the stories of Haitian Episcopalians. They produced a video for social media and held a photography exhibit in Austin.Caribbean
2012-2013Ledford, MarciaThe Lazarus Lives Project, DetroitThe Rev. Marcia Ledford is developing a faith-based community for LGBTQ youth called “Lazarus Lives!” The group chooses to join her chaplaincy ministry from a teen resource center in Detroit. The program received a UTO grant for a photo exhibit, for which she has facilitated the youth telling the stories of their experience of God ... Read More »North America
2012-2013Linthicum, DorothyDigital Formation and EvangelismShe taught digital formation and evangelism for one year at the College of the Transfiguration in Grahamestowne, South Africa.Africa
2012-2013Maggianno, Grey and O'Brien, AudreyTraining Lay Leaders in ColombiaThey developed and offered training in community-based social outreach programs at Diocesan Council at Medillin. Colombian parishes who participated in the training were equipped to use the program as a driver for evangelism and congregational growth.South America
2012-2013Monroe, SarahChaplains on the Harbor* Inspired by her study of liberation theology at EDS, the Rev. Sarah Monroe used an EES grant to visit several street ministries and to research and prepare a series of Bible studies and liturgies for use with economic refugees in the Diocese of Olympia. Her subsequent work in the Chechalis River Basin of Grays Harbor County, Washington ... Read More »North America
2012-2013Roark, HalPiloting an Innovative LiturgyHe visited several emergent communities and developed a new “Rite 3” liturgy for families, which he offered in his field parish.North America
2012-2013Webster, WilliamBold Enough to SayBilly Webster wrote and produced a rock opera, Bold Enough to Say. The performance piece is based on twelve songs he wrote in response to meditating on the Lord’s Prayer. It premiered in Brooklyn at the church of St. Luke and St. Matthew in October, 2014. The second performance was at Garden City Community Church ... Read More »North America
2012-2013Wolyniak, JosephNew Tracts for Our TimesJoseph Wolyniak applied for an Evangelism for the 21st Century grant when his spouse, the Rev. Liz Costello, was a seminarian at the Berkeley Divinity School at Yale. Himself a Ph.D. candidate at Oxford, Wolyniak’s vision for the “New Tracts for Our Times” video series is deeply rooted in scripture and theology yet proclaims the ... Read More »North America
2011-2012Atong, the Rev. JoelYouth in Mission ProjectHe trained thirty young adults, ages 20-35, in Mission and Evangelism in the Diocese of Mombasa in Kenya. Some of the participants completed a mission trip to Uganda. He prepared a written curriculum based on the workshop, for future use in the Diocese.Africa
2011-2012Baker, Dr. AnthonyThe Theology StudioHe developed and hosted The Theology Studio, with interviews, book reviews and podcasts. The venture provided resources and a scholarly community for students and young scholars.North America
2011-2012Barnett, the Rev. Andrew K.Theodicy Jazz CollectiveThe Theodicy Jazz Collective extended a tour to Canterbury and offered their music to diverse communities with limited funds, via worship services, workshops and resources.Europe
2011-2012Blackmer, StephenNetworking for an Environmental Church* Building on prior grant work, the Rev. Steve Blackmer acquired land and developed a network which became Church of the Woods “to evangelize the many locals who love the outdoors and seek spirituality in nature, not church…” – The Living Church, 11/16/14. Blackmer co-hosted Pilgrimage for Earth, a triennial liturgy festival, with St. James, Woodstock, ... Read More »North America
2011-2012Brosseau, Susannah and Olson, SethSharing the Gospel from KenyaWhile completing an internship at an HIV/AIDS clinic in Kenya, they prepared daily meditations on scripture. Through a booklet and leader’s guide, they shared the faith story of the community they served with various parishes and their seminary.Africa
2011-2012Dannhauser, AdrianFaith Sharing WorkshopsShe taught relational evangelism through “Faith Sharing” workshops at two parishes, and provided follow-up support for an ongoing ministry of evangelism.North America
2011-2012Franklin, JamesPastoral Care in EcuadorHe completed a four-week pastoral care training trip to a clinic in Equador. Encountered a norm of proselytizing, he offered a model of focusing on the patient’s needs and assurance of God’s loving presence. He also preached at four area churches and enjoyed extended fellowship.South America
2011-2012Joslyn-Siemiatkowski, Dr. DanielChurch Planting in PolandWith the support of the Bishop of the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe, he held a successful conference in March 2012 to explore establishing an Episcopal church in Krakow. The Polish Episcopal Network continues to work for an expanded presence in Poland.Europe
2011-2012Lebrija, LorenzoSweet Hour of PrayerHe produced a musical set in an emergency room, after the son of a local preacher goes on a shooting rampage at a local convenience store. It premiered in NYC in 2012, exploring the faithful response when bad things happen to good people.North America
2011-2012Mathewson, ColinEvangelism in Hispanic CommunityHe partnered with the Kaleidoscope Institute to deliver two workshops on evangelistic leadership in Latino/Hispanic congregations in San Diego.North America
2011-2012Smith, TwilaEpiscopal Disability NetworkShe updated and re-launched the website for the Episcopal Disability Network, to support ministry by and with persons with disabilities.North America
2011-2012Stokes, GrantResident Chaplaincy at SewaneeGrant Stokes lobbied the University of the South to convert the Resident Advisors program to one of Resident Chaplains, and used an E-21 grant to pilot to first year. The Resident Chaplains worked hard for undergraduate acceptance and participation, and administrative support; the program was renewed by the University.North America
2011-2012Vesel, MeghanMinistry with Portugese-Speaking ImmigrantsShe completed an immersion experience in Brazil and established the Brazilian Immigrant Center at a parish in CT, where she developed a church-sponsored bridge ministry that involves collaboration and partnership with a broad spectrum of social services.North America
2011-2012Yung, BernardLay Preaching in the PhilippinesHis offered workshops on lay preaching at St. Andrew’s Theological Seminary in the Philippines.Asia
2011-2012Zink, the Rev. JesseTeaching Sudani in the US* He taught a class on the history of the church in Sudan, from the perspective of evangelism and mission, to members of St. Paul’s Sudanese Mission in Phoenix. The class built on his prior grant work in Sudan and provided him the opportunity to learn from his students, who had lived the latest chapters of ... Read More »North America
2010-2011Camblos, HilaryEvangelism Through Intentional CommunitiesShe completed a summer internship internship at Good Earth Farm, an intentional Episcopal farming community in Ohio. She led eleven classes on evangelism for the friars; she interviewed the friars and sixteen visitors to the farm to inform a “consultant’s report,” which will be the basis for the friars’ campus outreach ministry; finally, she prepared ... Read More »North America
2010-2011Ehly, SuzanneEmbodying the Great CommandmentShe expanded her prior work with Diocese of Massachusetts interns to a workshop for Episcopal Service Corps Program Directors and intern representatives.North America
2010-2011Hall, RebeccaSmall Group Ministries ConferenceShe held a conference on Small Group Ministries, for practitioners and seminarians, at the SSW.North America
2010-2011Haufiku, LinneaHIV/AIDS Awareness in NamibiaShe led an ecumenical workshop and retreat on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention in Namibia.Africa
2010-2011Johnson, the Rev. Stephanie and Dankel, the Rev. RaineyParish Administration in GhanaThey visited St. Nicholas Seminary in Cape Coast, Ghana, where they taught classes in parish administration. They also attended classes and nurtured the relationship between St. Nicholas and Berkeley at Yale. Johnson had established a partner relationship on a prior visit, and they visited the Ghanan parish with gifts from the Connecticut parish.Africa
2010-2011Kenney, BerylIndigenous LiturgyShe completed an eleven-week internship in the Diocese of Alaska, where she preached, taught and provided pastoral care for the Native residents. She complete the translation of a Ko’yukon songbook and developed indigenous language prayers and creeds. She also attended a consortium on Native Ministries at Vancouver School of Theology.North America
2010-2011Lukens, MatthewResourcing the Episcopal Evangelism NetworkHe held a conference of the Episcopal Evangelism Network of entrepreneurial missioner seminarians; representatives from various seminaries attended.North America
2010-2011McKim, the Rev. LaurieMission to Costa RicaShe completed an immersion and ministry experience in Costa Rica and continues to serve a Spanish-speaking congregation at her parish in Texas.Central America
2010-2011Oliver, KyleDigital Adult FormationHe attended a summer conference and designed a web-based curriculum module for adults, on the conversation between science and technology. He piloted the program at his field parish and then developed a resource-sharing site for seminarians.North America
2010-2011Prichard, the Rev. Dr. RobertSustainable Construction in Pine RidgeHe facilitated the construction of a sustainable building adjoining an Episcopal mission on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. The grant influenced the techniques and approaches used by Native American builders on Pine Ridge, and generated excitement about the work of the Episcopal Church on the reservation.North America
2010-2011Sang, the Rev. PhilipLay-led Worship in KenyaHe held workshops to train lay leaders from the widespread Tot Missionary area in the Diocese of Kitale, Kenya. Leaders from each of seven congregations were trained in reading scripture, church tradition, and liturgical leadership.Africa
2010-2011Seddon, MatthewDigital Education for Ministry with LatinosHe researched Mexican religious symbolism in Mexico and at US parishes with successful ministry to Mexican immigrants. He developed a website for the Diocese of Utah to educate non-Mexican people of faith about Mexican religious symbolism and to inform the use of religious symbols by parishes who wish to become more welcoming to Mexican immigrants.North America
2010-2011Wells, the Rev. Dr. Jo BaileyTeaching Mission to S. SudanDr. Wells facilitated the second annual Leadership Seminar for an estimated 35 leaders across the Episcopal Church in Sudan.Africa
2010-2011Zink, JesseNetworking Mission in S. SudanHe visited South Sudan and reported for Episcopal News Service on the independence celebrations and the church’s work in Abyei. He visited clergy in three dioceses, to build on the relationships he established in prior grant work, and was invited to teach and preach. His grant work influenced his book, “Backpacking Through the Anglican Communion.” ... Read More »Africa
2009-2010Angell, MikeCommunity Organizing and EvangelismHe explored evangelism through community organizing by visiting several emergent communities and received training in community organizing. He co-led a “Fridays at the Seminary” for area clergy and developed a resource for use by others.North America
2009-2010Baer, KirstenExploring Emergent CommunitiesShe visited several emergent communities including the Crossing in Boston, Church of the Apostles in Seattle, Moot in London, and Grace in Ealing, UK. She prepared a resource booklet on emergent worship and co-led a “Fridays at the Seminary” for area clergy.North America
2009-2010Blackmer, StephenDeveloping a Theology of Environmental ReconciliationHe developed a profound and comprehensive theory of the orientation, language, practices and community required to bring a reconciliatory Christology to the work of ecological salvation. Subsequent grant work extended this theory into a network that became Church of the Woods, for which he won the Morgan Directors’ Award in 2014.North America
2009-2010Caruso, KevinExploring Emergent CommunitiesHe visited three emergent communities to learn their stories and their systems, offered a workshop at the Seminarian Leadership Conference and at BDS, and led reading course at BDS.North America
2009-2010D'Angio White, Andrew & SaraYouth Ministry in NavajolandThey spent the summer at Good Shepherd Mission in the Diocese of Navajoland, where they created a self-sustaining youth program.North America
2009-2010Davis, EllenLeadership Seminar in S. SudanShe conducted a Leadership Seminar for theological educators in the Episcopal Church of Sudan, for the enhancement of their educational ministries.Africa
2009-2010Franklin, the Rev. AnnMission to the Holy LandShe made two trips to Israel/Palestine. For the first, she lived and worked in the rural Northern West Bank, assisting in parish ministry and working in the olive fields. For the second, she lived in an affluent middle-class Palestinian Muslim neighborhood and worked at the Sabeel headquarters, assisting in the coordination of an ecumenical, international ... Read More »Asia
2009-2010Huston, Mary AnnMeditative PrayerShe presented a workshop on labyrinths at St. Mark’s, San Marcos. She also created bi-lingual prayer cards and signage to draw the community to the labyrinth.North America
2009-2010Kimball, Dr. Lisa and McNaughton, the Rev. MargeThe Homeless as Evangelists* Dr. Lisa Kimball and the Rev. Marge McNaughton facilitated the ministry of evangelism by homeless members of the Church of the Epiphany in Washington, DC. Participants in the Gospel Art! program created original works of art and reproduced some of these on notecards. The art was sold at Epiphany, at the Eastern Market in Washington, DC, ... Read More »North America
2009-2010Kitch, SarahInteractive Experiential Drama in RamallahShe taught a four-week course of interactive experiential drama at the Arab Evangelical Episcopal School in Ramallah.Asia
2009-2010Lytle, JulieFaith Formation 2020She convened nineteen seasoned faith formation educators and practioners to share needs and resources, fears and strengths, concerns and hopes for the future of faith formation.North America
2009-2010Ngijoe Yanke, ClemenceHealing and Reconciliation in CameroonShe attended the Contextual Theology Programme at the College of the Transfiguration in Grahamstown, South Africa. She then convened a two-week workshop on healing and reconciliation using a contextual theology approach in Cameroon.Africa
2009-2010O'Carroll, BryanCommunity of Hope Program in MalawiHe worked with an experienced team to train twenty-nine leaders from the Diocese of Upper Shire in Malawi in the Community of Hope program of lay pastoral care.Africa
2009-2010Sisk, HeatherMagdelene as Spiritual GuideShe sculpted four figures of Mary Magdalene, and led a Quiet Day at GTS on Magdalene as a spiritual guide.North America
2009-2010Sumani, the Rev. AndrewHIV/AIDS Care in MalawiHe conducted training for twenty home-based caregivers of HIV/AIDS patients using the established Channels of Hope resource in the Diocese of Malawi. The Care Teams had been established with a prior EES grant.Africa
2009-2010Sweeney, the Very Rev. SylviaClaiming the VisionShe interviewed some of the chief architects of the baptism rite in the 1979 Book of Common Prayer: Dr. Dan Stevick, Dr. Louis Weil, Dr. Lee Mitchell and the Rt. Rev. Frank Griswold. The interviews were professionally videotaped by Episcopal Church Center staffers, resulting in archived footage available for future research. A parish curriculum on ... Read More »North America
2009-2010Zink, JesseTeaching Mission in S. SudanHe lived in and taught at the Bishop Gwynne College in Juba, Sudan. He was awarded the Morgan Directors’ Award in 2012 for this and subsequent grant work.Africa
2008-2009Akol, the Rev. Zacharia DiingBuilding Bridges in SudanHe completed an immersion in South Sudan, and shared his experience with the seminary community.Africa
2008-2009Baker, AndreaChurch Camp in Honduras* Baker assembled a team of youth and adults from the Diocese of Northern California to plan and lead Camp Holy Spirit in Tela, Honduras. Working with Honduran volunteers, they adapted the model of a residential US church camp for twenty participants. She subsequently served as Superintendent of Episcopal Schools in the Diocese of Honduras. Her ... Read More »Central America
2008-2009Bardelmeier, AndreaEpiscopal Premarital ProgramShe researched and developed a pilot Episcopal premarital counseling program, andpiloted it in a workshop.North America
2008-2009Barnett, Andrew and Politz, SarahFaith-Based Environmental StewardshipThey studied sustainable agriculture at the Asian Rural Institute in Japan and implemented a program of faith-based environmental stewardship at Yale Divinity School.North America
2008-2009Boller, HilaryCompanion Relationships in TanzaniaShe completed an immersion and mission trip to the Diocese of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and developed guidelines for success in companion relationships.Africa
2008-2009Britton, the Very Rev. JosephMission to GhanaHe traveled to St. Nicholas Seminary in Ghana, to formalize an exchange relationship with the Berkeley Divinity School at Yale.Africa
2008-2009Bwatta, the Rev. EmmanuelLay Ministry in TanzaniaHe completed a preaching and teaching tour to promote lay ministry in the Diocese of Western Tanzania.Africa
2008-2009Crist, MaryDistance Learning in AlaskaShe traveled to Alaska to develop and implement training for lay leaders of three Alaskan villages; the ongoing support was provided online.North America
2008-2009Ehly, Suzanne“Loaves and Fishes”Suzanne Ehly developed and led a series of workshops exploring voice, breth and body, and developing practices of radical self-care, for young adults in the Diocese of Massachusetts vocational internship programs.North America
2008-2009Good, DeirdreInterfaith WorkshopShe held an interfaith (Jewish/Christian) workshop in NYC of musical performance and explanation of Psalms and Canticles.North America
2008-2009Greer, HilaryEvangelism through Reconciliation in RwandaShe completed an internship with REACH Rwanda, providing executive assistance as they opened a conference center, and participated in a reconciliation event with perpetrators and victims of violence.Africa
2008-2009Haig, KarenBaptismal Ecclesiology TrainingShe developed an adult curriculum on Baptismal Ecclesiology for use in Latino ministry contexts, based on completing the Panama Project, a language and mission program.Central America
2008-2009Hawkins, DeborahMission to El SalvadorShe built on her prior work and strengthened the companion relationship by leading a mission trip of youth and adults from two parishes in CA.Central America
2008-2009Holt, MeredithTeaching Mission to TanzaniaShe completed a teaching internship at Msalato Theological College, Dodoma, Tanzania.Africa
2008-2009Hughes-Habel, DeborahMulticultural MinistryShe completed an immersion in the Moab Valley Multicultural Center in Utah and shared best practices for Hispanic ministry with the seminary community.North America
2008-2009Hungerford, Eric and Kidd, StephenPromoting Global PartnershipsThey made an immersion and filming mission trip to Southern Malawi, documenting US and Malawian participants in the partnership. Their videos promote global partnerships as a means to fight poverty.Africa
2008-2009LaFon, KirkContextual TheologyHe participated in the Contextual Theology Programme at College of the Transfiguration in Grahamestown, South Africa.Africa
2008-2009Lam, VivianConnecting to PalestineShe participated in Sabeel’s young adult conference.Asia
2008-2009Lobban, AndrewSpiritual Disciplines for the Homeless* Lobban worked with classmate Diane Pike to offer a Cursillo-style retreat in a San Antonio homeless shelter.North America
2008-2009Morris, Dr. PeterCommunity Health Mission to SudanHe taught community health to seminarians at Renk Bible College in South Sudan.Africa
2008-2009Ndhana, the Rev. DaudiChildren’s Ministry in TanzaniaHe completed a teaching and preaching tour to inspire and organize the church in Tanzania to take an active role in the care of impoverished children and children orphaned by AIDS.Africa
2008-2009Ndhana, OliviaFamily Ministry in TanzaniaShe introduced a theological basis for family planning to faith communities in Tanzania.Africa
2008-2009Ngijoe Yanke (Group)Mission to CameroonShe led two mission groups from CDSP to Cameroon; one offered Christian Education skills to church members and the other offered church leadership skills.Africa
2008-2009Noonan, DeborahBorder Ministry in ArizonaShe worked in border ministry with the Diocese of Arizona.North America
2008-2009Spalding, KirstenEucharistic FormationShe completed a study trip to S. Africa and developed an adult formation curriculum for St. Mark’s, Berkeley, CA.Africa
2008-2009Sumani, the Rev. AndrewHIV/AIDS Ministry in MalawiHe trained parish representatives in HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention in Malawi; he also implemented parish-based care teams for HIV/AIDS patients.Africa
2008-2009Wells, the Rev. Dr. Jo BaileyTeaching Mission to SudanShe taught Anglicanism, Pastoral Care and Counseling, and Conflict and Reconciliation at Renk Theological College in southern Sudan.Africa
2008-2009Wyndham, BethBaptismal FormationShe developed and field tested a retreat curriculum for parents and godparents in the parish setting.North America
2007-2008Barham, MichaelHoly LingeringHe established a pilgrimage center in Santiago, Spain for “Holy Lingering.” His reflected on “the nexus between pilgrimage and hospitality,” which he applies to the mission of the church in twenty-first century evangelism: providing hospitality to non-traditional seekers, and serving as companion to them when they face thresholds with the Holy.Europe
2007-2008Bennett, Debra and Black, VincentHealing and Wholeness RetreatThey planned and convened a healing retreat for female and gay male victims of violence and abuse, held in the Diocese of Long Island.North America
2007-2008Blessing, WrenPracticing Prayer, Imagining New LifeShe held a series of meetings of Spanish and English speakers for prayer, study, and reflection on the Psalms and rural life. She revised/developed a curriculum for rural churches to follow the model she developed.North America
2007-2008Wachner, the Rev. Emily“Women’s Work/Women’s War” Voices from Sudan* The Rev. Wachner’s grant took her to Lui Diocese in Southern Sudan in December ‘08 with a group from the Diocese of Missouri. She interviewed six women leaders – priests, a teacher, an NGO coordinator, and the wife of the Archbishop – who have survived the twenty-one year civil war. Women’s Work / Women’s War: Voices ... Read More »Africa
2007-2008Brion, TheresaMDG’s in AppalachiaShe developed a curriculum using the MDG’s as the linkage to Appalachian issues of hunger, health care and illiteracy. She offered it in the parish setting in the Diocese of Southwestern Virginia.North America
2007-2008Crumlish, Peter and Johnson, StephanieMission to GhanaThey taught and lived with the community at St. Nicholas Seminary in Ghana.Africa
2007-2008Denney, ShelleyChristian Education in El Salvador* Denney traveled to El Salvador on an EES grant for language immersion and to develop Christian Education curricula.Central America
2007-2008Franklin, the Rev. AnnBible Study in the Holy LandShe led Bible study and religious education programs in villages in Israel and Palestine and offered small group leadership training for village lay leaders. She then developed an Advent curriculum for US parishes, designed to help them engage the experience of Christians in the Holy Land.Asia
2007-2008Friedrich, the Rev. JimFilm and Video in WorshipHe held events at Ridley Hall and at Guilford Cathedral (UK) on the use of film/video in mission and worship.Europe
2007-2008Hollis, JoannaChaplain Internship in JapanShe completed an internship with the chaplains at Rikkyo University in Japan and with them about opportunities she discerned for increasing their effectiveness.Asia
2007-2008Jeuland, Jane“Your Place” for Inner-city Youth* Jeuland served as Director of Long-Range Planning at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in New Haven, CT.North America
2007-2008Klukas, the Rev. ArnoldHistory of Christian WorshipHe converted his existing lectures and photos to digital format, and researched and outlined a book and multi-media kit for historical and contemporary liturgy.North America
2007-2008Lanier, JustinContemplative EvangelismHe was trained in Zen Buddhism and met with Christian ministry leaders in Japan, and developed a new model for area ministry in the Diocese of California. His travesl also included St. Benedict’s monastery, St. Benedict’s retreat house and the Contemplative Outreach Center in Denver.Asia
2007-2008Lees, EverettSmall Group Leader TrainingHe completed small group leader training and implemented small group ministry in his field parish.North America
2007-2008Linthicum, DorothyCurriculum Development in S. AfricaShe worked and taught at College of the Transfiguration in Grahamstown, South Africa, developing of curricula for youth ministry and the catechumenate process. She also taught at a public school in a nearby township.Africa
2007-2008MacDonald, the Rev. Canon JohnEvangelism to Post-Franco YouthHe studied youth culture in Madrid and developed an evangelism strategy for that population.Europe
2007-2008Magill, the Rev. ElizabethWorcester FellowshipShe used the E-21 grant to bring guest musicians, a weekly Bible Study and monthly community meetings to the homeless congregation of Worcester Fellowship.North America
2007-2008Mason, LisaMission to BelarusShe made a mission trip to Belarus, for immersion and evangelism with those previously oppressed by Soviet power.Europe
2007-2008McDaniel, the Rev. Dr. JudithContextual HomileticsShe traveled to Israel and Palestine and investigatde contextual formation and homiletic education in the larger Anglican Communion.Asia
2007-2008Ndhana, DAnglicanism in TanzaniaHe made a preaching and teaching tour in Tanzania, sharing his experience of the American Church, especially the theology and worship of the catholic tradition.Africa
2007-2008Seaborn, SandraMission to UgandaShe participated in a cross-cultural immersion in Uganda, with a focus on the role of women in the Ugandan Anglican church.Africa
2007-2008Shisler, SaraContextual TheologyShe participated in the Contextual Theology Programme at the College of the Transfiguration in Grahamstown, South Africa.Africa
2007-2008Smith, the Rev. SteveAnglicanism in MalawiHe taught, studied and lived in community at Leonard Kamungu Theological College in Malawi.Africa
2007-2008Staudt, Dr. KathleenVocational Discernment with Young AdultsShe held several workshops on vocation in the world for young adults, developed video and written materials and continues to mentor a young adult group.North America
2007-2008Van Kirk, AndrewBiblical Typology* Mr. Van Kirk used EES funding to develop a four-week typology curriculum for use in parish adult education: Reading Stories, Reading Christ: The Bible, Typology, and History. The program offers a cohesive treatment of scripture, doctrine and church history and includes video segments and a comprehensive study guide. He has taught and revised the curriculum ... Read More »North America
2007-2008Willard-Williford, JoyYouth ChaplaincyShe served as chaplain to the “You Must Be Born Again”-themed trip for middle-school aged children from Melbourne, Florida, who shared many first-time experiences.North America
2007-2008Wille, SuzanneContextual TheologyShe participated in the Contextual Theology Programme at the College of the Transfiguration in Grahamstown, South Africa.Africa
2007-2008Wilson, ConnieRenk Media Team* Connie Wilson, who was Director of Communications at Seabury-Western Theological Seminary when the grant was awarded, traveled with a professional photographer and a professional videographer to the Diocese of Renk in Southern Sudan to film and photograph the work of the Episcopal Church in Sudan.Africa
2007-2008Woodbury, KimTotal Common MinistryShe worked in youth ministry and evangelism in a mission in the Virgin Islands.Caribbean