Evangelism Society Announces Divestment from ‘Gun Stocks’

The Board of Directors of EES, the Episcopal Evangelism Society, voted to realign the EES investment portfolio during their board meeting at the School of Theology, The University of the South in Sewanee, TN on November 8, 2018.

“Following the Parkland shooting earlier this year, the Board requested a thorough review of our portfolio with specific emphasis on highlighting holdings in gun company stocks,” said Linda Curtiss, Treasurer. After the review, the Board “voted to realign our portfolio to fully embrace social and ethically responsible investments.”

With this vote, the EES Board authorizes the manager of its assets, TIAA, to take steps necessary to ensure these assets favor companies that are leaders in environmental issues, are socially responsible, and encompass good governance principles.

“I am personally grateful that our Board is willing to put our faith and principles into action,” added Day Smith Pritchartt, Executive Director of EES. “The Board being active in our investment strategy allows EES to align our financial portfolio with our actions and values.”

More about the Episcopal Evangelism Society
EES supports innovative evangelism by awarding Evangelism for the 21st Century grants for projects that will share the Gospel in new and exciting ways, and help take the Episcopal church where she needs to be. Any Episcopalian in any accredited seminary community or local formation program (ie. diocesan school, Iona Collaborative) is eligible. This includes students, faculty or staff or the Episcopalian spouse or partner of a student, faculty or staff member. Call or email the Executive Director with questions about eligibility. Get contact information and read more about the 150-year history of EES at www.ees1862.org.

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