Holy Play: Meeting God in Musical Improv

Will Parker believes that evangelism is relational. He has used grant funding to convene a musical improv group, with the specific purpose of connecting what they are doing as artists to what they are called to do as Christians. His dream for the project is two-fold: that the members of the troupe will experience personal transformation through the community that is built, and that their audiences will be open to contemplating their faith, their creative capacities, and how they intersect.

The troupe named themselves the Public Universal Friends, or PUF Players, after the Public Universal Friend, a Quaker preacher of the late 18th-early 19th century who opposed slavery, promoted women’s rights and is seen as a transgender or non-binary figure in history.

Four performances have been scheduled in the New Haven area for Spring ’22.

Grant Year
Recipient Name
Parker, Will
Berkeley Divinity School at Yale
North America