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Community for the Common Good

Emily and Ragan Sutterfield have developed a multimedia curriculum for parish use, on responding to climate change. The multi-week class includes prayers, interviews, activities, and facilitated discussions designed to help congregations explore their shared experience in facing climate change, how they perceive the church’s role in responding to climate change, and what steps can be taken … Read More »

Developing a Theology of Environmental Reconciliation

He developed a profound and comprehensive theory of the orientation, language, practices and community required to bring a reconciliatory Christology to the work of ecological salvation. Subsequent grant work extended this theory into a network that became Church of the Woods, for which he won the Morgan Directors’ Award in 2014.

Networking for an Environmental Church

Building on prior grant work, the Rev. Steve Blackmer acquired land and developed a network which became Church of the Woods “to evangelize the many locals who love the outdoors and seek spirituality in nature, not church…” – The Living Church, 11/16/14. Blackmer co-hosted Pilgrimage for Earth, a triennial liturgy festival, with St. James, Woodstock, … Read More »

Faith-Based Environmental Stewardship

They studied sustainable agriculture at the Asian Rural Institute in Japan and implemented a program of faith-based environmental stewardship at Yale Divinity School.