EES News

Lay-led Worship in Kenya

He held workshops to train lay leaders from the widespread Tot Missionary area in the Diocese of Kitale, Kenya. Leaders from each of seven congregations were trained in reading scripture, church tradition, and liturgical leadership.

Eucharistic Formation

She completed a study trip to S. Africa and developed an adult formation curriculum for St. Mark’s, Berkeley, CA.

Biblical Typology

Mr. Van Kirk used EES funding to develop a four-week typology curriculum for use in parish adult education: Reading Stories, Reading Christ: The Bible, Typology, and History. The program offers a cohesive treatment of scripture, doctrine and church history and includes video segments and a comprehensive study guide. He has taught and revised the curriculum … Read More »

Children’s Ministry in Tanzania

He completed a teaching and preaching tour to inspire and organize the church in Tanzania to take an active role in the care of impoverished children and children orphaned by AIDS.

Mission to Cameroon

She led two mission groups from CDSP to Cameroon; one offered Christian Education skills to church members and the other offered church leadership skills.

Voices of Haitian Episcopalians

They visited Haiti in January 2013 to record the stories of Haitian Episcopalians. They produced a video for social media and held a photography exhibit in Austin.

Anglicanism in Tanzania

He made a preaching and teaching tour in Tanzania, sharing his experience of the American Church, especially the theology and worship of the catholic tradition.

Faith Sharing Workshops

She taught relational evangelism through “Faith Sharing” workshops at two parishes, and provided follow-up support for an ongoing ministry of evangelism.