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Episcopal Disability Network

She updated and re-launched the website for the Episcopal Disability Network, to support ministry by and with persons with disabilities.

Claiming the Vision

She interviewed some of the chief architects of the baptism rite in the 1979 Book of Common Prayer: Dr. Dan Stevick, Dr. Louis Weil, Dr. Lee Mitchell and the Rt. Rev. Frank Griswold. The interviews were professionally videotaped by Episcopal Church Center staffers, resulting in archived footage available for future research. A parish curriculum on … Read More »

Faith Formation 2020

She convened nineteen seasoned faith formation educators and practioners to share needs and resources, fears and strengths, concerns and hopes for the future of faith formation.

Training Lay Leaders in Colombia

They developed and offered training in community-based social outreach programs at Diocesan Council at Medillin. Colombian parishes who participated in the training were equipped to use the program as a driver for evangelism and congregational growth.

Evangelism in Hispanic Community

He partnered with the Kaleidoscope Institute to deliver two workshops on evangelistic leadership in Latino/Hispanic congregations in San Diego.

Learning from London

He studied church growth in the Diocese of London by meeting with and interviewing leaders of numerous innovative and successful ministries there. He will adapt and share the best practices for evangelism that he discovered both in a book (to be released by Forward Movement in 2015) and at the Consortium for Endowed Episcopal parishes … Read More »

Film and Video in Worship

He held events at Ridley Hall and at Guilford Cathedral (UK) on the use of film/video in mission and worship.

Baptismal Ecclesiology Training

She developed an adult curriculum on Baptismal Ecclesiology for use in Latino ministry contexts, based on completing the Panama Project, a language and mission program.