EES News

Promoting Global Partnerships

They made an immersion and filming mission trip to Southern Malawi, documenting US and Malawian participants in the partnership. Their videos promote global partnerships as a means to fight poverty.

Lay Ministry in Tanzania

He completed a preaching and teaching tour to promote lay ministry in the Diocese of Western Tanzania.

Sharing the Gospel from Kenya

While completing an internship at an HIV/AIDS clinic in Kenya, they prepared daily meditations on scripture. Through a booklet and leader’s guide, they shared the faith story of the community they served with various parishes and their seminary.

Companion Relationships in Tanzania

She completed an immersion and mission trip to the Diocese of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and developed guidelines for success in companion relationships.

“Women’s Work/Women’s War” Voices from Sudan

The Rev. Wachner’s grant took her to Lui Diocese in Southern Sudan in December ‘08 with a group from the Diocese of Missouri. She interviewed six women leaders – priests, a teacher, an NGO coordinator, and the wife of the Archbishop – who have survived the twenty-one year civil war. Women’s Work / Women’s War: Voices … Read More »