EES News

Caminemos con María

Yuri Rodriguez is a gifted and experienced musician. She dreams of using music to invite people to experience Jesus incarnated in the lives of Latinas, and to be transformed by the Good News in their stories of hope, faith and resilience. She is planning a concert of secular songs about women named María, which will … Read More »

Encountering the Spirit in Agrarian Ministries

Sarah Mast (SSW ‘23) and spouse Greg Mast dream of leading an affirming, land-based liturgical community. They are using grant funding to visit several communities to explore how they experience and share Christ’s love. They will use what they learn to convene a diverse community in Austin and pilot several worship services.

Holy Play: Meeting God in Musical Improv

Will Parker believes that evangelism is relational. He has used grant funding to convene a musical improv group, with the specific purpose of connecting what they are doing as artists to what they are called to do as Christians. His dream for the project is two-fold: that the members of the troupe will experience personal … Read More »

Spirit-Led Community Outreach

David Patiño is inspired by liberation theology to build a justice- and healing-grounded kindom. He is leading an evangelism campaign in the Latino/Hispanic community surrounding St. Mary’s, Harlem. His work involves leadership building, pastoral care, prayer and worship, and storytelling. To date he has been busy learning about the community groups and getting to know … Read More »

Cross Roads

The Rev. Marcia Sadberry is developing a bicycle ministry that uses discovery rides to build community  between church members and those beyond the church community. She hosted a well-attended pilot ride on Good Friday ‘21, which will be repeated as a Stations of the Cross ride on Good Friday ’22. She has a core group … Read More »

Treasure in the Field

Jennifer Allen is coordinating the development of Bethany House and Garden, a diocese of Kansas project of creation care and racial reconciliation. Treasure in the Field, her EES grant, is an effort to give the homeless a voice in community decision-making.  She has held numerous meetings with community members from a variety of contexts, and … Read More »

Apostles of Sensitiveness

Demarius Walker began with a vision to convene a group of Apostles of Sensitiveness, following the work of Howard Thurman, who would witness how to follow the Way of Love in the divisive political climate of 2020. He wanted to do in-person work with a group of students and members of an Episcopal church, but … Read More »