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Listen, Learn and Love

Leer en Español The Rev. Deacon Claire Mis worked for two years to prepare a team and lead a mission trip from St. John’s Episcopal Church in Huntington, NY (Long Island) to the US-Mexican border in the Diocese of Arizona. She established relationships with the Rev. David Chavez, Canon for Border Ministries in the Diocese … Read More »

Mission to Costa Rica

She completed an immersion and ministry experience in Costa Rica and continues to serve a Spanish-speaking congregation at her parish in Texas.

Baptismal Ecclesiology Training

She developed an adult curriculum on Baptismal Ecclesiology for use in Latino ministry contexts, based on completing the Panama Project, a language and mission program.

Mission to El Salvador

She built on her prior work and strengthened the companion relationship by leading a mission trip of youth and adults from two parishes in CA.

Church Camp in Honduras

Baker assembled a team of youth and adults from the Diocese of Northern California to plan and lead Camp Holy Spirit in Tela, Honduras. Working with Honduran volunteers, they adapted the model of a residential US church camp for twenty participants. She subsequently served as Superintendent of Episcopal Schools in the Diocese of Honduras. Her … Read More »