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Evangelical Witness Through Children’s Camps

Ms. Kathy Evans travelled with her spouse, the Rev. Boyd Evans, to Israel and Palestine for ten weeks during the summer of 2016. They worked at several summer camps in Ramallah, Zabadeh and Nazareth, which gave them a sense of the necessities and limitations of these programs. Combining these experiences  with their US camp experience enabled them to … Read More »

Contemplative Evangelism

He was trained in Zen Buddhism and met with Christian ministry leaders in Japan, and developed a new model for area ministry in the Diocese of California. His travesl also included St. Benedict’s monastery, St. Benedict’s retreat house and the Contemplative Outreach Center in Denver.

Contextual Homiletics

She traveled to Israel and Palestine and investigatde contextual formation and homiletic education in the larger Anglican Communion.

Mission to the Holy Land

She made two trips to Israel/Palestine. For the first, she lived and worked in the rural Northern West Bank, assisting in parish ministry and working in the olive fields. For the second, she lived in an affluent middle-class Palestinian Muslim neighborhood and worked at the Sabeel headquarters, assisting in the coordination of an ecumenical, international … Read More »

Bible Study in the Holy Land

She led Bible study and religious education programs in villages in Israel and Palestine and offered small group leadership training for village lay leaders. She then developed an Advent curriculum for US parishes, designed to help them engage the experience of Christians in the Holy Land.

Chaplain Internship in Japan

She completed an internship with the chaplains at Rikkyo University in Japan and with them about opportunities she discerned for increasing their effectiveness.