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Evangelism at Burning Man

Alex Leach participated in a team of leaders to bear witness to the Holy Love they experience at Burning Man, by offering worship and spiritually-based conversation, and to share what they learned about ministry with the Spiritual But Not Religious with the wider church. All the team members were experienced Burners, and they credit their full … Read More »

Gathering Around Our Table: Breaking Bread, Building Relationships

With the goal of exploring evangelism through the dinner worship experience, Cate Anthony planned and led an experience of ecumenical hospitality at her internship site, Trinity Episcopal Church in Newtown, CT. Her work included extensive communication among other local parishes, research and development of a table liturgy, and conducting storytelling training workshops for members of the … Read More »

Youth Chaplaincy

She served as chaplain to the “You Must Be Born Again”-themed trip for middle-school aged children from Melbourne, Florida, who shared many first-time experiences.

Baptismal Formation

She developed and field tested a retreat curriculum for parents and godparents in the parish setting.

Contemplative Evangelism

He was trained in Zen Buddhism and met with Christian ministry leaders in Japan, and developed a new model for area ministry in the Diocese of California. His travesl also included St. Benedict’s monastery, St. Benedict’s retreat house and the Contemplative Outreach Center in Denver.

Chaplains on the Harbor

Inspired by her study of liberation theology at EDS, the Rev. Sarah Monroe used an EES grant to visit several street ministries and to research and prepare a series of Bible studies and liturgies for use with economic refugees in the Diocese of Olympia. Her subsequent work in the Chechalis River Basin of Grays Harbor County, Washington … Read More »

Mission to the Holy Land

She made two trips to Israel/Palestine. For the first, she lived and worked in the rural Northern West Bank, assisting in parish ministry and working in the olive fields. For the second, she lived in an affluent middle-class Palestinian Muslim neighborhood and worked at the Sabeel headquarters, assisting in the coordination of an ecumenical, international … Read More »

Bible Study in the Holy Land

She led Bible study and religious education programs in villages in Israel and Palestine and offered small group leadership training for village lay leaders. She then developed an Advent curriculum for US parishes, designed to help them engage the experience of Christians in the Holy Land.

Learner-Centered Bible Study

She developed a lay-led, learned-centered model for scripture study in parishes, by consulting with and participating in existing programs in four different parishes. She offered “A Day of Lay-Led, Parish-Based Scripture Studies” at GTS May 2014.