EES News

Teaching Mission to S. Sudan

Dr. Wells facilitated the second annual Leadership Seminar for an estimated 35 leaders across the Episcopal Church in Sudan.

History of Christian Worship

He converted his existing lectures and photos to digital format, and researched and outlined a book and multi-media kit for historical and contemporary liturgy.

Curriculum Development in S. Africa

She worked and taught at College of the Transfiguration in Grahamstown, South Africa, developing of curricula for youth ministry and the catechumenate process. She also taught at a public school in a nearby township.

Digital Formation and Evangelism

She taught digital formation and evangelism for one year at the College of the Transfiguration in Grahamestowne, South Africa.

Mission to Costa Rica

She completed an immersion and ministry experience in Costa Rica and continues to serve a Spanish-speaking congregation at her parish in Texas.

Baptismal Ecclesiology Training

She developed an adult curriculum on Baptismal Ecclesiology for use in Latino ministry contexts, based on completing the Panama Project, a language and mission program.

Leadership Seminar in S. Sudan

She conducted a Leadership Seminar for theological educators in the Episcopal Church of Sudan, for the enhancement of their educational ministries.

MDG’s in Appalachia

She developed a curriculum using the MDG’s as the linkage to Appalachian issues of hunger, health care and illiteracy. She offered it in the parish setting in the Diocese of Southwestern Virginia.