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Evangelism Through Indigenization of Liturgy

The Rev. Julius Chunga convened a group of native Chitumbuka language speakers in the Anglican Diocese of Northern Malawi, to translate the liturgy into the language that is spoken by the majority of Christians in the diocese. The clergy/lay group worked for ten days in a format that included worship, small group discussion, and sharing. … Read More »

Gathering Around Our Table: Breaking Bread, Building Relationships

With the goal of exploring evangelism through the dinner worship experience, Cate Anthony planned and led an experience of ecumenical hospitality at her internship site, Trinity Episcopal Church in Newtown, CT. Her work included extensive communication among other local parishes, research and development of a table liturgy, and conducting storytelling training workshops for members of the … Read More »

Liturgical Renewal in the Anglican Communion: the Brazilian 2015 BCP as a Gift to English and Spanish Speaking Episcopalians / Anglicans

The Rev. Luis Coehlo is coordinating a project to provide a full translation into English and Spanish of the Brazilian BCP’s main rites, in order to foster liturgical renewal, enculturation and multicultural evangelization in LatinX/Latin-American contexts. He anticipates that the translation work will be complete in the fall of 2019 and that the publication will be … Read More »

Piloting an Innovative Liturgy

He visited several emergent communities and developed a new “Rite 3” liturgy for families, which he offered in his field parish.

Lay-led Worship in Kenya

He held workshops to train lay leaders from the widespread Tot Missionary area in the Diocese of Kitale, Kenya. Leaders from each of seven congregations were trained in reading scripture, church tradition, and liturgical leadership.

Linking AA and GTS

Dr. Watkins used his position as the first-ever student liaison for the Ninth Avenue AA Group to reach out in two directions: he held workshops on addiction and recovery awareness training for the GTS community, and organized a series of Recovery Eucharists in the Good Shepherd Chapel at GTS for the AA Group. Three awareness … Read More »

Indigenous Liturgy

She completed an eleven-week internship in the Diocese of Alaska, where she preached, taught and provided pastoral care for the Native residents. She complete the translation of a Ko’yukon songbook and developed indigenous language prayers and creeds. She also attended a consortium on Native Ministries at Vancouver School of Theology.

Worcester Fellowship

She used the E-21 grant to bring guest musicians, a weekly Bible Study and monthly community meetings to the homeless congregation of Worcester Fellowship.

Chaplains on the Harbor

Inspired by her study of liberation theology at EDS, the Rev. Sarah Monroe used an EES grant to visit several street ministries and to research and prepare a series of Bible studies and liturgies for use with economic refugees in the Diocese of Olympia. Her subsequent work in the Chechalis River Basin of Grays Harbor County, Washington … Read More »

Film and Video in Worship

He held events at Ridley Hall and at Guilford Cathedral (UK) on the use of film/video in mission and worship.