Mindfulness for Mamas

“Mindfulness for Mamas”  is an emergent Christian community that seeks to embody Christ’s love for those seeking connection in the Jackson, WY area. They developed a successful pilot with support from St. John’s Episcopal Church, and will expand and deepen their reach in Jackson, WY through a website, coaching, and childcare and site rental for gatherings. Leadership is shared by Kristen Farney, a student in the Iona – Wyoming program, Meredith Adams and Haley Deming.

As of Easter ’20, they have adapted the program to the coronavirus pandemic in a most responsive way. The grant funds coaching by an experienced church planter, and they have used it to  help them interpret the needs of the participants. They have adapted playdates and mixers to online gatherings, and they are sharing spiritual practices with the community. 

“Mindfulness for Mamas” engages the wider Jackson ecumenical community through networking with the diocesan Fresh Expressions Learning Community, the Wyoming Interfaith Network, and with other worshipping communities.

Grant Year
Recipient Name
Farney, Kristen
Iona - Wyoming
Population Served
New Community