Undocumented is public art exhibition that will foster a powerful and inspiring image of Christian social engagement on behalf of the disenfranchised outsider in American society. Rooted in the community response to racial, ethnic and religious conflict in Billings, Montana, which inspired the documentary Not in Our Town,  the exhibit and associated events will build bridges of communication and understanding in a community that again faces challenges of racism and discrimination.

The Rev. Dr. Carolyn Rosen is co-curating the exhibit with her spouse, Dr. Aaron Rosen. The grant work supports the development of an exhibit by the artist Michael Takeo Magruder. The exhibit will engage community members in the installation and will feature an artist’s reception, and an artist’s presentation and guided discussion, at each of the area Episcopal churches.

The artist has visited Billings and participated in conversations with church members, students, and a local Native American artist. He also toured the Heart Mountain Japanese-American detention Center museum and grounds in Northern Wyoming. He is developing a video exhibition in a space designed to give the viewer a keen sense of the experience of separation, in the context of contemporary immigration detention. The exhibit will be open during Hanukkah 2018.


Grant Year
Recipient Name
Rosen, The Rev. Dr. Carolyn
Bexley Seabury
Population Served
Native Americans Seekers