FAQ – Evangelism for the 21st Century Grants


Am I eligible?
Any Episcopalian in any accredited seminary community or local formation program (ie. diocesan school, Iona Collaborative) is eligible. This includes students, faculty or staff or the Episcopalian spouse or partner of a student, faculty or staff member. Students (and spouses) who have completed their course work within the past calendar year are also eligible.

What are the grants for?
E-21 grants are for innovative ministry projects, with evangelism at their core. They are NOT for tuition and fees, cross-cultural immersions, or internships with existing programs. Projects must have an immediate evangelical impact for the Episcopal Church and must be of the applicant’s innovation.

What types of work are ineligible for E-21 Grants?

  • Pilgrimage, cross cultural immersions, and language immersion programs
  • Internships with established programs
  • Study with other academic institutions
  • Projects whose exclusive benefit is for the applicant’s own institution

The same essential criteria apply to faculty proposals, with the following additional exclusions:

  • Travel and research for publication that is part of regular faculty development
  • Work with established programs
  • Development of course work, participation in institutional partnerships, and development of companion relationships
  • Development of programs for the faculty member’s own institution
  • Faculty proposals should be innovative. The target audience should be wider than the academic, publication and teaching circles in which the applicant usually ministers.

How much is awarded?
E-21 grants are $500 – $5,000 and cover the expenses outlined in the proposal.

Are all expenses eligible?
Equipment, such as a new camera or computer, is not eligible. Expenses related to the program development and delivery are eligible: travel, room, board, stipend, publication, some training. Faculty applicants should note the additional criteria.

How do I apply?
Contact the Executive Director, Day Smith Pritchartt, at [email protected] or (703) 807-1862 to discuss your idea. Application forms may be found on our website.

When are the applications due?
There are two grant cycles each year: fall and spring. Fall 2020 applications are due September 21, 2020. Spring applications are due February 8, 2021.

What are you looking for in an application?

  • Evangelism: how will the proposal share the Gospel with a new audience?
  • Innovation: How is the proposal unique?
  • Clarity: Who is the target population, and why will the proposal work in that population?
  • Connection: Does the applicant have the resources s/he needs to succeed?
  • Budget/Timeframe: Are they realistic? Do they sync? Can the work be accomplished?