Application & Review Process

All applicants should contact the Executive Director at [email protected] or (703) 807-1862 as early in the process as possible. This email or phone conversation is intended to help the applicant understand the grant criteria, and to revise the proposal as recommended.

Applications are accepted in two grant cycles annually, according to the following calendar:

Fall Grant Cycle

Applications Due: the 3rd or 4th Monday in September
Notification: mid-November
Disbursement: beginning in mid-December; completion date as specified in the application and agreed to by the Executive Director

Spring Grant Cycle

Applications Due: the first Monday in February
Notification: late April – early May
Disbursement: beginning in mid-May; completion date as specified in the application and agreed to by the Executive Director

Applications should be submitted as an email attachment (word or pdf). Please note that each application requires the signature of the applicant’s dean, and the rector or supervisor where the grant work will take place. Signatures may be collected and submitted online. Signors may also email the Executive Director to acknowledge their familiarity with the proposal and support of it. A complete application, including all signatures, is required by the application deadline.

Applications are reviewed by the Executive Director and then by the Grants Committee. Applicants may be asked clarifying questions, or given referrals, throughout the review process.

Applications are approved by the full Board at the semi-annual meeting, with notification following immediately. Grantees are asked to sign an agreement that specifies their reporting dates and disbursement amounts, as well as their responsibilities for meeting original grant criteria and crediting EES support for the project.

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