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An Acts 11 Evangelism Model for Chikhwawa Parish

The Rev. Canon Makweya Chanzah has established a new church in the East Bank of the Shire River in Southern Malawi. His grant work included identifying and training lay and ordained leaders and working with them to facilitate a crusade.  The location is of deep historical significance to the Diocese, but is geographically difficult to access. … Read More »

Training Church Planters

The Rev. Bart Segu has returned to the Diocese of Kibondo, Tanzania to develop and offer a training series for church planters. Available to women and men, lay and ordained, the training  focuses on Christian discipleship, Segu’s own church planting experience, and the knowledge he has gained through his studies at Sewanee. Segu believes that Christian … Read More »

Youth Catechesis

The Rev. Mganulwa Masima developed and taught a catechesis on Anglicanism to youth in the Diocese of Central Tanganyika. She reached over 600 youth in 33 parishes, and found an eagerness to learn about worship, tradition, scripture and sacraments. Many youth in the diocese leave the Anglican church for pentecostal churches, but the Rev. Masima believes … Read More »

Evangelical Witness Through Children’s Camps

Ms. Kathy Evans travelled with her spouse, the Rev. Boyd Evans, to Israel and Palestine for ten weeks during the summer of 2016. They worked at several summer camps in Ramallah, Zabadeh and Nazareth, which gave them a sense of the necessities and limitations of these programs. Combining these experiences  with their US camp experience enabled them to … Read More »

Evangelism Training in Southern Malawi

The Rev. Makweya Chanzah held a seven-day training for over 30 lay leaders in the Mulanje district of Southern Malawi. The training  covered worship leadership, reading lessons in worship, and preaching. Participants are licensed by the Bishop, and licenses are renewable for five years with the parish priest’s collaboration. Fr. Chanzah has dreams of evangelism in … Read More »

Renk Media Team

Connie Wilson, who was Director of Communications at Seabury-Western Theological Seminary when the grant was awarded, traveled with a professional photographer and a professional videographer to the Diocese of Renk in Southern Sudan to film and photograph the work of the Episcopal Church in Sudan.

Networking Mission in S. Sudan

He visited South Sudan and reported for Episcopal News Service on the independence celebrations and the church’s work in Abyei. He visited clergy in three dioceses, to build on the relationships he established in prior grant work, and was invited to teach and preach. His grant work influenced his book, “Backpacking Through the Anglican Communion.” … Read More »

Community of Hope Program in Malawi

He worked with an experienced team to train twenty-nine leaders from the Diocese of Upper Shire in Malawi in the Community of Hope program of lay pastoral care.