EES News

Mission to Cameroon

She led two mission groups from CDSP to Cameroon; one offered Christian Education skills to church members and the other offered church leadership skills.

Center for the Study of Faith in Justice, Washington, DC

The Rev. Gayle Fisher-Stewart has been working to establish the Center for the Study of Faith in Justice at Calvary Episcopal in DC.  She has convened a number of events at Calvary, designed to support mutual understanding between church members and those seeking justice. She has developed a network of support within the Diocese of Washington … Read More »

Pastoral Care in Ecuador

He completed a four-week pastoral care training trip to a clinic in Equador. Encountered a norm of proselytizing, he offered a model of focusing on the patient’s needs and assurance of God’s loving presence. He also preached at four area churches and enjoyed extended fellowship.

Evangelism through Reconciliation in Rwanda

She completed an internship with REACH Rwanda, providing executive assistance as they opened a conference center, and participated in a reconciliation event with perpetrators and victims of violence.

Mission to El Salvador

She built on her prior work and strengthened the companion relationship by leading a mission trip of youth and adults from two parishes in CA.

Chaplain Internship in Japan

She completed an internship with the chaplains at Rikkyo University in Japan and with them about opportunities she discerned for increasing their effectiveness.

Faith Sharing Workshops

She taught relational evangelism through “Faith Sharing” workshops at two parishes, and provided follow-up support for an ongoing ministry of evangelism.

“Loaves and Fishes”

Suzanne Ehly developed and led a series of workshops exploring voice, breth and body, and developing practices of radical self-care, for young adults in the Diocese of Massachusetts vocational internship programs.