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Showing Mercy, Expressing Love Through Evangelism

XXXX The Rev. Laban Agisa will recruit and train evangelists for door-to-door evangelism and revivals in Utawala Parish, Diocese of Nairobi, Kenya. His grant work will be done during the summer of 2019.

God’s Love and the LGBT+ Community

The Rev. Dr. Gavin Shumate convened “God’s Love and the LGBT+ Community,” a summit for PFLAG members and the welcoming Episcopal Churches of the Diocese of Oregon to facilitate discussion, mutual community, and commitment to justice. The summit was held in July ‘17 at St. Paul Episcopal Church in Salem, OR for 200 attendees. The conference … Read More »

Muslim/Christian Relations in Tanzania

The Rev. Bart Segu is working this summer to promote peaceful Muslim/Christian relations in the Diocese of Kibondo, Tanzania. He has begun training his co-leaders, and they will conduct extensive interviews of stakeholders, victims of violence and religious leaders. A conference of interfaith leaders at the Kibondo Training Center will be held at the end … Read More »

Faith Formation 2020

She convened nineteen seasoned faith formation educators and practioners to share needs and resources, fears and strengths, concerns and hopes for the future of faith formation.

Reviving Church Camp in Cuba

Andrew Doss had a leadership role in the development of the “Cuba Hoy!” conference for American and Cuban attorneys, policymakers, businesspeople and professors sponsored by At The Threshold. He used an E-21 grant to coordinate the participation of the Episcopal Diocese of Cuba in the conference, and to develop a case study for conference participants … Read More »

Interfaith Workshop

She held an interfaith (Jewish/Christian) workshop in NYC of musical performance and explanation of Psalms and Canticles.

Healing and Wholeness Retreat

They planned and convened a healing retreat for female and gay male victims of violence and abuse, held in the Diocese of Long Island.