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About EES Grants

Stories from Grantees

Jesse Zink applied for an Evangelism for the 21st Century grant to visit South Sudan and report for Episcopal News Service on the independence celebrations and the church’s work in Abyei. He visited clergy in three dioceses and was invited to teach and preach. His grant work influenced his book, “Backpacking Through the Anglican Communion.” He believes that a major obstacle to unity in the worldwide body of Christ is failure to adequately understand the context in which our sisters and brothers around the world live and minister.

"From my EES Grant experience, I found my seminary education strongly enriched and informed with new perspectives."

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The Application Process

EES has been awarding Evangelism for the Twenty-first Century Grants for nearly 2 decades. We are looking for the following in grant applications:

  • Evangelism: how will the proposal share the Gospel with a new audience?
  • Innovation: How is the proposal unique?
  • Clarity: Who is the target population, and why will the proposal work in that population?
  • Connection: Does the applicant have the resources s/he needs to succeed?
  • Budget/Timeframe: Are they realistic? Do they sync? Can the work be accomplished?
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