EES Spot Grants

The pandemic of 2020 caused many EES grantees to postpone or cancel their grant work. Students in seminary communities and local formation programs faced unprecedented disruption to their plans. In April ’20, the EES Board designated funding for Spot Grants. These were $500 awards, for “on-the-spot” response to evangelism opportunities in pandemic. Spot Grants featured a streamlined application and approval process, and it was required that grant work was implemented in conformity to COVID-19 safety guidelines. We learned much about evangelism through the work of our grantees: even insights and practices that we hope will carry forward into the future. Click on the slide show to the left to see what grantees learned and did.

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The Application Process

EES has been awarding Evangelism for the Twenty-first Century Grants for nearly 2 decades. We are looking for the following in grant applications:

  • Evangelism: how will the proposal share the Gospel with a new audience?
  • Innovation: How is the proposal unique?
  • Clarity: Who is the target population, and why will the proposal work in that population?
  • Connection: Does the applicant have the resources s/he needs to succeed?
  • Budget/Timeframe: Are they realistic? Do they sync? Can the work be accomplished?
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